Wednesday, 20 July 2011

~Things to Come~

Tomorrow is my last day at work before the 6 week holiday; I am so excited. I can begin to tackle my 'To Do' list which is actually not a depressing list at all - it's full of the decorating/doing up/creative stuff that gets low priority in working weeks. I am really enjoying some blogs I've found recently; notably the wise words of Froogs and Scarlet on the joy of pre-loved items and tarting up tat - it's great to come across people like you whose idea of heaven is a rummage in a charity shop or boot sale, then setting about your find with either a paint brush or sewing machine! My latest find is this solid little kitchen chair for £2 in the charity shop in my village...
I can't get enough chairs; love them and mismatched ones round a table are much more interesting than a 'dining suite' I think.  I've just set about this one with some Farrow & Ball Hardwick White eggshell (bought in a sale at 25% off and well worth it) and some vintage fabric patchwork for the seat - will post a finished photo soon.
Thankyou for your lovely comments too, I don't seem to be able to reply on Blogger, so sorry, but it's much appreciated  x Lavender Attic

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