Tuesday, 6 December 2011

~Recent thrifty finds~

I love reading other blogs because they make you think! I agree with Jane at Posy that the speed at how December advances usually fills me with panic about what's still to do... and I worry that I haven't managed to achieve all the practical housey stuff that I'd hoped in 2011. However this year I do feel a bit more laid back, as if I've jumped off the Christmas Consumer-Carousel and stopped my head from spinning... I've decided I'm unwilling to spend ridiculous amounts on food and presents this year, through necessity and because we do not actually need many things. I'm in agreement with Frugal Queen on that one. I know we're all different, and there's 'them that shop for leisure and them that don't'. However I do feel that whilst many folk are manically scurrying shopping in Meadowhall or the Trafford Centre, I'm content still pootling about in my local High Streets.  This also means I have time for a spot of gentle thrifting (yay!)..My recent finds...
White Stuff cardigan (wool and cashmere). Charity shop in Garforth near Leeds, £4.

Spotless Tupperware containers, £1.25...think these will be fab for olives, cheese and crackers for picnics or camping.
And, yes another blanket! This Vantona one was £3 from the Mind charity shop...I'm sure it's from the 1960s or 1970s, in lovely used condition.


  1. Fab finds Sally, I really like the cardigan.

  2. Hi Sally,
    I like that, 'jumping off the consumer Christmas carousel', I'm with you on that, lets all jump together and make stuff and buy less! I still think the way Christmas comes round so quickly that it should be every 2 years. I can't remember when I last went to a contained shopping centre to shop, years ago, I hate the places although at some point I will have to face MacArthur Glen due to having a voucher!
    Hey that cardigan looks like an excellent quality find.
    BFN, Sally. ps. your parcel is in the post

  3. Hi there from a new follower. I decided some years ago that stress at xmas is out!!! We now make or just buy token pressies and concentrate more on birthdays and then, don't go overboard. We do the trad xmas meal etc but even this does not get the fortune spent on it that some seem to think they have to. Enjoyment can be found in the most simple ways and it's about love and friendship in the end. Charity shops are my second home, I love the things that you find in them although some seem to be way over-priced, but on the whole they are still good and bargains are there as I found recently with my 30 odd reels of cotton for just over £3 (on my blog).


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