Monday, 29 July 2013

~Fabric Notice Board~

The Summer holidays are here and I'm tackling one day at a time, decorating, cleaning, planning and generally sorting out. I have separated from my husband, who is moving out to a flat nearby this week; all reasonably amicable but nonetheless upsetting and difficult.
Today I'm off to the Yorkshire seaside; my favourite East Coast - Hornsea, Skipsea, Bridlington and Filey to have a few days with J and my Mum. Can't wait to blow the cobwebs off!
This week I gave the kitchen a quick spruce up and wanted to cover my cork noticeboard. The wonders of the t'internet never disappoint for a free tutorial - I found mine here on Mary Poppins blog - and set to work sing some Clarke and Clarke Dotty fabric I had left over from kitchen blinds. I used brassed paper fasteners rather than tacks and used white grosgrain ribbon (about 6 metres) plus some wadding that cost £2. Here's the finished result...

Sunday, 14 July 2013

~Car Boot Sunday and catch-up~

I've been very remiss with  blogging lately, I think because there is complicated family stuff  going on here - my mind is so occupied and befuddled there is no room for any creative thoughts at the moment.  Trying to stay positive and looking forward to the 6 week hols to spring-clean my head!  Maybe it's the weather too; I find the normal going to work and doing housy stuff is difficult - it's too hot for me, I end up like one big grumpy, sweaty freckle!
On a positive note, L's 18th Birthday vintage tea party in the garden went well.  The weather was so hot it was 'cracking the flags' as we say in Yorkshire.  Haha I have to say that although some tea was consumed, the tipple of most was Pimms and some homemade elderflower cordial. I'm such a ditz at the moment I have deleted all my photos of the party, the garden and the cake without uploading them to the PC.
L then went to Amsterdam with 10 friends for 3 days, which I found hard as I do like to be in control of everything. She had a fab time and is back now :)
I got up early today and had a quick drive to the local car boot which has relocated to a new venue, but isn't half as well attended as before.  However, as well as a bright red showerproof cagoule for Small Dog, I found this polka dot terracotta jug for 50p...
I'm imagining this lovely jug at some point in the future on a seaside windowsill filled with daisies!
Also a white pottery chicken for £2...

 Bye for now, enjoy the sun and see you soon. x