Tuesday, 21 May 2013

~Simple Pleasures - Rainbow of Cookbooks~

At breakfast I decided that I'd like to put my cookery books in the kitchen in colour order...
A    R A I N B O W   of cookery and baking books!
(Sometimes it's the little things that please you or cheer you up!)

Thursday, 16 May 2013

~Easy Knitted Teddy~

Using this pattern from Yorkshire-based knitting yarn company King Cole, my spare minutes this week have been spent making a teddy for a gift.
King Cole Pattern  9008
3 sizes of bear on 1 pattern
I've used some cream DK soft yarn to make Alba Bear; a 1st birthday present for a friend's grandaughter...
I made her a cute Cath Kidston neckerchief - mainly to hide my dodgy sewing when attaching the head! I stressed a fair bit before embroidering the face.  I didn't want to make Scary Angry Bear and be responsible for giving a child nightmares, so I split brown embroidery cotton into 3 strands and think the result is less harsh than using wool. 
You've got to feel sorry for Small Dog however, who is trying to launch himself vertically at
the kitchen dresser to get at the finished teddy.  He is in love and would like to keep Alba Bear all for himself.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

~I ♥ Standard Lamps Part 2~

Remember my standard lamp from eBay? The one that turned out to be faux mahogany and faux working order...
It's had a sand down, a coat of (substantial) undercoat and 3 coats of paint.  I mixed some paints I had already to get this mushroomy beige colour which has a nice matt eggshell finish...
It's the result of Craig & Rose 1829 Chalky Emulsion in Deep Sung Cream
Farrow and Ball Estate Eggshell in New White
It had a good result and the paint is a lovely texture and finish.
What about the vintage lampshade project? I have to admit defeat on that score. I watched several online tutorials and looked at kits, then I bought an old shade and stripped it down. I ordered some self adhesive vinyl from eBay and set to work with my precious vintage fabric piece. Unfortunately it didn't work out - what my son would call an *epic fail*.
I shall consign lampshade-making to the same place that my crochet-fear resides. 
Well, I can't afford £50-£80 that handmade shades are selling for, so I gave in and spent some pennies (£10) on this shade from TKMaxx, then added some ricrac braid and a bobble trim. 
The shade is probably a tad too small, but I'm quite pleased with it anyhow as it looks nice with my new wallpaper.

Friday, 3 May 2013

~Charity Shop finds~

How lovely to finish work on a Friday and know it's a Bank Holiday!  I went to the hairdressers after work to get my colour done and popped into my favourite charity shop - it's an 'old lady' type of shop (which is infinitely preferable, more interesting and cheaper than a rebranded posh type with laminate flooring).
First find in the bric-a-brac boxes on the floor...
 ...a Washington pottery large bowl; cream colour with 22kt gold pattern.  This is my new fruit bowl!
I then went inside and had a rummage for vintage patterns- none that appealed today as they were all 1980s batwing and shoulder-pad hell rather than 1960s - but I did find this vintage cotton braid trimming (perhaps for a lampshade?)

"A pound for 'em both love, is that okay?"
"Oooh yes, ta very much"
There are still bargains to be found out there, keep the thrifting faith!
I'm off to the seaside this weekend to spend some quality car-booting time with my Mum, so hopefully will have more to share next week.
Have a lovely long weekend!