Friday, 31 August 2012

~Spread the Love not the Lurgy~

Last week of the hols and yesterday I developed tonsillitis- lovely red swollen spotty tonsils, a temperature, and feeling grotty.  I haven't been to the GP, just attempted a 3-pronged self-medicating approach...
1. Gargling with aspirin
2. Hot lemon and manuka honey
3. Ben & Jerry's ice cream :)
I feel a bit better though my throat *hurts*
Must be better by tomorrow as I am off here to the NEC for a girly jaunt serious buying trip to look at lots of lovely gifts and homewares...including my lovely suppliers at St Eval Candles in Cornwall.
Sewing in my pyjamas today I made this...
...made from vintage paisley glazed cotton and a felted blanket, backed in red linen.
So, I'm spreading  *the love* not *the lurgy* and wishing all you lovely folk a smashing weekend x x

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

~Caravan Trip to Castle Howard~

We had a lovely few days away in 'Chateau H' at Castle Howard...despite the rain, the copious amounts of duck and goose poop and the mosquitos... All was cosy in Chateau H though with homemade chilli and chocolate brownies...
There was absolutely no mobile signal - not good when your daughter is at Leeds Fest and you're a nervous wreck!    Saturday night and early morning we had torrential rain and lightning, and I felt sick with worry thinking about poor L. in a tent and no way to contact her.
Next day we went into Malton and rang L - who was fine of course, but we do take our mobiles for granted I think...I was happier then and felt up to a Charity Shop reccie in malton and came away with this BHS lamp from the Hospice Shop (PAT tested and good to go for £3)

I think a table lamp is a cosy essential in a caravan.  With every trip we think of something that we need - this time it was a decent breadknife, a measuring jug and some insect repellant...
Lakeside Holiday Park is literally at the side of the Great Lake, so of course you'll get mozzy bites and woken up by the ducks at early o'clock, but it was beautiful.  This is the view when you ascend the banking of the lake and look across...

Photo borrowed from Mark Denton Photographic (

A lovely walk at dusk, lots of ducks and ducklings, moorhen and geese... Dogs weren't allowed around the immediate lake, though quite a few people ignored this, which is annoying. The touring site has a forest feel, which was a bit dark in places and our pitch was a bit waterlogged in the awning space. I think it teaches you to be a bit more assertive when booking - next trip I will ask for a sunny pitch that's not near a pedestrian thoroughfare.

We were opposite the shower block, which was modern and ok cleanliness wise, our only gripe was there is no shop on site, but there is a farm shop, deli and bakery up at Castle Howard itself.  A nice touch was when the ice-cream van came round, and also the delicious fish and chips from Pickering in a mobile van on Saturday night...

 We got reduced tickets into Castle Howard which had a family day with archery, cycling, climbing etc.
OH and J had a go on a 7-person conference bicycle up and down the drive at great speed, past the Atlas Fountain and the house itself...
Photo from internet 
My camera ran out of charge or I would have taken loads more piccies.

Lakeside Holiday Park
Coneysthorpe, York

Thursday, 23 August 2012

~Leeds Festival Update~

Many thanks you lovely friends out there in Blogland,  for all your supportive comments and practical advice for L's first festival...
They left at 6am, almost walking backwards due to the weight of their rucksacks.
Wellies, toilet roll, Home Bargains tissues, waterproof jacket...*check*
She rang tonight and said she already feels very icky and dirty, but has had a good look round, and has already bought some vintage clothes.  Then I was regailed with a very vivid toilet description of what sound almost like open latrines, with plenty of opportunities to see what the people before you have deposited. Eeeeugh. Not for me. I would have to be helicoptered in...The line up is very good though and I know she'll love the Foo Fighters and The Black Keys tomorrow, The Cure on Saturday, and The Vaccines on Sunday.
I am a worried Mum but trying not to fuss...thanks again everyone xx

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

~Preparations for the weekend~

This weekend will be daughter L's first festival camping experience as she heads off to Leeds Fest at Bramham over the bank holiday with her friends.  Despite her initial apprehensions about the sanitary arrangements, level of comfort and lairy behaviour, she seems to have chilled out and is thinking about all the great bands she'll see.
Two of her friends are staying overnight at our house, with all their stuff, and OH is dropping them off early tomorrow morning.  I think it's probably me who is more apprehensive now, I have been pottering round town today buying things for L, as she is definitely a Last-Minute Larry.
How does my pile of festival essentials look to you? Pot Noodles, Batiste dry shampoo, baby wipes, hairspray, first aid kit, ibuprofen, Glow sticks, Nutella...  Not that I'm a fussy control-freaky overbearing parent or anything...
We will be having a couple of days in Chateau H (the caravan) here... Castle Howard, where there is a campsite at the side of the great lake. I've not been here since I was a child so am looking forward to a good look round.
Have a lovely Bank Holiday whatever you're up to!

Monday, 20 August 2012

~More thrifting finds~

...Following on from my last post, my recent finds have also included these 3 beautiful brooches from the same lady at a car boot sale.
I'm not sure I can part with the cherry brooch, but I will probably be selling the strawberry brooch and the pink flower. Aren't they pretty?

Friday, 17 August 2012

~Thrifting Finds~

I'm not enjoying this muggy, oppressive weather which just leaves me feeling sticky and moody! I've decided I'm definitely a Spring and Autumn girl.  This afternoon and evening I've been in the garage continuing the painting of my dresser, but I thought I'd share some recent thrifting finds...
A couple of vintage 1970s cellular blankets...this pink one's wool and is destined for eBay...

...but I'm keeping this blue one, which I got for £1.

  Some Sirdar Sublime and King Cole Merino Wool for £1 at the Car Boot Sale.

Vintage book about York printed in 1951, 10p at the Car Boot Sale.

Woods Ware tiny cup and saucer (50p car boot sale) for my expanding utility china collection...
I know often we thrifters have slim pickings, especially at the charity shops, but there are still bargains to be had, especially at the less regular boot sales.  I think there are more householders having a good declutter, rather than the regular boot sale traders.  I could have spent a lot more, there was a pre-war teaset and a bevelled mirror I fancied, but I only went with ten pounds!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

~Sewing Room Tidy Up~

The messy state of the sewing room has been a bone of contention in our house for a while now.  It's always way down my list of things to do, though I admit it's a source of stress as it's where all the home paperwork is dumped filed, and I store my candles and made-up stock there too.  After some baking and picallilli-making this morning, I've made a start sorting fabric - as you know stroking and folding fabric is a favourite stress-busting pastime of mine - and I've put some aside to list on eBay tonight. There are some FQ's and wool skirt lengths and upholstery fabric, so if you fancy a look my eBay link is in my sidebar, username  lavender_attic. Here's a bit of tidy shelves...

Now, if I can stop getting sidetracked by discovering long-lost patterns, books and half-finished projects I will get it tidied!

Sunday, 12 August 2012

~Giveaway Result~

Many thanks to all of you who entered my giveaway, and also for your lovely comments...
I listed names in order of comments, including an extra entry for Tweeting/Linking, then I used an online random number generator...
The Winner of this book is...

...Anne at Marmalade and Catmint.  I'm sure Anne will enjoy this book as she's a keen knitter. (Can I put an order in please Anne, for the Cashmere twinset on page 26!?)
 Well done Anne!

Saturday, 11 August 2012

~Seaside Trip~

We've just come back from 6 days in Chateau H (our caravan) and we have survived intact!
Our first 2 nights we were parked on our friends drive in Filey - a fantastic bungalow holiday home in which the fittings are the late 70s, early 80's intact, for example a brilliant formica kitchen with sliding doors and rose-patterned carpets...I love these glass doors and the display of pottery...

Filey beach - Lovely weather...a few showers but gloriously warm...

I love Swing Boats...

Beach chalets at Filey... I like the colours...available for hire right on
the beach - Baker's Beach Chalets on the Coble Landing. Another nostalgic
 moment, they remind me so much of East Coast holidays with my Nana and Grandad...

The fantastic view of the Vale of Pickering and the Wolds from Lebberston Touring Park...

Then we moved on to Lebberston Touring Park,
a couple of miles outside Filey on the way to
Scarborough - an immaculately run 5* site- highly recommended...

J enjoying a hot chocolate in a melamine mug whilst wearing Dad's essential caravanning hat...

Tired Small Dog gets cosy under blankets in Chateau H...

Imposing 12 foot tall iron Fisherman statue on Filey seafront by artist Ray Lonsdale read about it here
We thought Sterchi's had closed down, but- hurrah!- thay'd just moved round the corner!

Long live Sterchi's and their enormous chocolate drops and Rose and Violet creams!
Beautiful boats at the Coble landing, Filey...

Cocoa in Scarboro' - a retro sweet shop with a fab collection of vintage confectionery ephemera in the window...

My first Wonka Bar (It's my all-time favourite film...)

"I got a Golden Ticket!" (Don't tell me that they're in every bar...)

Love this Fudge Shop display with shelves groaning under the weight of goodies, and the pom-pom shelf trim

Sorry for the sweetie and chocolate emphasis in this post - we did do lots more, I promise...

Friday, 3 August 2012

~Simple Pleasures - Old Books~

I know that like me,  a lot of you fellow bloggers also find your books thriftily at car boot sales and charity shops.  I am a member of the library in the village, which is good for reference and craft books, but apart from that on my last visit I felt there were shelves and shelves of chick lit and I came away empty-handed.
One of my Simple Pleasures is searching out old books. I am inspired by old book covers - the nostalgic typography, illustrations and colours are so pleasing- and I also love the smell and feel of old book pages.
This image would stress a mimimalist; but I could live surrounded by books like this...
Image reproduced from Country Living March 2012
My recent finds have been a 1969 Pan Classic of Persuasion by Jane Austen for 20p (you can see where the charity shop staff have written 20p in blue biro near the title - why would you do that?). I've just finished it and I enjoyed it as much as Pride and Prejudice, which is my all-time favourite re-read.

...also this 1974 copy of Daphne du Maurier's My Cousin Rachel. I've read a fair bit of D du M recently, and this is wonderful, I highly recommend it.

We're off to the Yorkshire coast near Filey for a few days away in Chateau H, fingers crossed for decent weather! See you when I get back. Have a lovely weekend x