Wednesday, 22 August 2012

~Preparations for the weekend~

This weekend will be daughter L's first festival camping experience as she heads off to Leeds Fest at Bramham over the bank holiday with her friends.  Despite her initial apprehensions about the sanitary arrangements, level of comfort and lairy behaviour, she seems to have chilled out and is thinking about all the great bands she'll see.
Two of her friends are staying overnight at our house, with all their stuff, and OH is dropping them off early tomorrow morning.  I think it's probably me who is more apprehensive now, I have been pottering round town today buying things for L, as she is definitely a Last-Minute Larry.
How does my pile of festival essentials look to you? Pot Noodles, Batiste dry shampoo, baby wipes, hairspray, first aid kit, ibuprofen, Glow sticks, Nutella...  Not that I'm a fussy control-freaky overbearing parent or anything...
We will be having a couple of days in Chateau H (the caravan) here... Castle Howard, where there is a campsite at the side of the great lake. I've not been here since I was a child so am looking forward to a good look round.
Have a lovely Bank Holiday whatever you're up to!


  1. Festivals eh? Those were the days. If I could go away for a nice relaxing weekend in a caravan I'd be completely made up BUT hubby bless him, not keen on the idea of a caravan, but I'm working on him! Enjoy your break.
    Patricia x

  2. Great festival packing - is there a rainmac and wellingtons? Well done for letting her go - seems a bit scary all this growing up! Have a fab bank holiday x

  3. Loo roll and suncream.

    Can't say i've ever needed hairspray in my festivaling days, but perhaps things are different now.

    She sounds pretty responsible, but i don't envy you. I'm a terrible worrier.

    Hope she has a great time

  4. Oh yes. I always brought a torch to find my way back to the tent. But perhaps phones fill that need these days.

    Oh I feel old.

  5. Small individual packs of tissues - much easier to pop in your pocket than a loo roll, and reasonable priced in Home Bargains. K went to Leeds when she was 18 and she's also been to Glastonbury several times , and has just come back from a festival in Budapest. Now she has A to look after her, but I still worry - and she did a bungee jump at the festival in Budapest. Fortunately I didn't know about it beforehand. We'll be going through it all again next year - KL wants to go to Glastonbury as her 18th birthday present!

  6. I'm sure she will be fine Sally! I have never been to a festival and I dont suppose I ever will now but I dont 'do camping' since the time I was a cub leader! (not a wink of sleep, insects and the cold). Hope you have a great weekend, Tony has asked me if I want to go to Tatton Park to see the gardens on sunday.I think the weather forecast is a bit iffy so I'm not sure, as long as there is a nice tea room it will be ok!

  7. Hope you have a good weekend too. I took baby wipes and a complete loo cleaning kit (including rubber gloves) when I went to a festival!

    Pomona x

  8. Hmmm, I'll take your weekend over L's. Hope you all have a great weekend.


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