Thursday, 23 August 2012

~Leeds Festival Update~

Many thanks you lovely friends out there in Blogland,  for all your supportive comments and practical advice for L's first festival...
They left at 6am, almost walking backwards due to the weight of their rucksacks.
Wellies, toilet roll, Home Bargains tissues, waterproof jacket...*check*
She rang tonight and said she already feels very icky and dirty, but has had a good look round, and has already bought some vintage clothes.  Then I was regailed with a very vivid toilet description of what sound almost like open latrines, with plenty of opportunities to see what the people before you have deposited. Eeeeugh. Not for me. I would have to be helicoptered in...The line up is very good though and I know she'll love the Foo Fighters and The Black Keys tomorrow, The Cure on Saturday, and The Vaccines on Sunday.
I am a worried Mum but trying not to fuss...thanks again everyone xx


  1. She will be fine Sally, I am smiling as I am reading your post! I think working as I did in microbiology for years would have stood me in good stead for the toilets but not sure I would like to be there on the last day of the festival. Best not to think about it! I should think she will have a whale of a time but definitely ready for home comforts by the end of it all XX

  2. Sounds like she'll have a great time :) My brother is at Reading - though he's now a festival veteran, I remember when he went to his first one - came home filthy with no tent but he'd had a great time.

    Guessing next summer my eldest will be heading off somewhere - hoping all his scouting experiences will help.

  3. I'm sure she'll have a fab time. I hope the weather isn't too unkind to her - the forecast doesn't look brilliant for the weekend :(

  4. I'm sure she'll have a fab time, although I understand the worried mum thing very well. My 14 yr old has just gone off shopping to the 'big' town near us for the day with a friend and I'm worried about that because it's her first time without an adult in tow.

  5. I can imagine how you must be feeling! I'm sure it will be a memory in the making for her, and that she will have a great time.
    I have yet to go thru this with my (17 yr old)daughter - she is so fastidious there's no way she would go as yet - her experience of the Duke of Edinburgh award put her off camping I think! So your's is a brave daughter, good for her and I hope she has fun!
    Gill xx


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