Sunday, 21 September 2014

~Baby Jumper tada~

I've been back at work and too busy to blog since 1st September, but thought I'd share this latest finished project. I do feel good when I actually complete a project. I liked the shoulders on this sweater pattern and wanted to knit it for my baby niece Evelyn. It's Sirdar 6013 for baby cashmere merino silk DK.

I chose to make it up in Sirdar Simply Recycled Cotton DK in shade 0022, a dark chalky pink with a marl appearance. I went for one shade rather than stripes.

Here's the finished jumper...

 I crocheted 2 flowers for embellishments (pattern from Nikki Trench crochet book) in cream cotton yarn...
I wasn't happy with the not-very-neatness of my picking up stitches round the neckline, hence the flowers to hide a wonky bit :)
My sewing up isn't great either - must practice more!
I also found these mittens for Evelyn; £1.50 at the Monsoon outlet...

 So, I had a lovely day over in Manchester yesterday catching up with my brother and his lovely family in their new home.  On the drive over I spotted a fab sewing shop nearby in Eccles and we had a walk there.

 Bambers is a family business over 2 floors, selling overlockers, machines, wool, fabric, patterns, haberdashery, and they also run sewing courses.  I feel very guilty because I quite impulsively bought a dressmaker's mannequin (hurrah!) for a very good price - cheaper than I'd researched on ebay and the web. So, hence I felt the need to get up at silly o'clock this morning to do a car boot sale.  Unfortunately I only made £35 today but it will add to my ebay sales of late and pay for this essential bit of kit, so my homemade clothes fit me better.

Friday, 22 August 2014

~Renovated chairs~

More painting and renovating today.  Two of my chairs were on their last legs :)  They needed replacing before they collapsed.  These 2 lovelies came free from family - good quality solid dining chairs, just very worn and old. Cue me donning my Summer Outfit again - no not a Boden nautical holiday ensemble, but a pair of paint spattered shorts and t-shirt. The season's must-have outfit don't you know!?
Here they are... 

I think they were 'Old Charm' or something similar. I used a coat of primer as they were so dark, then 3 thin coats (so no drips!) of trusty Farrow and Ball eggshell in New White.

The 'drop-in' seat pads were covered in a neutral twill fabric I had already using my staple gun. No sewing required.

I know I've shown this before, but here is my dining area, with furniture acquired relatively cheaply and renovated.


 Green chairs - Ebay, M&S solid quality chairs, 4 for £30. Painted in F&B Cooking Apple Green
Table - Ebay, cost £50 but was a state. I gave it a good sand and painted the legs in F&B
Dresser - gifted from a friend, just needed a few coats of paint
Vintage ceramic chicken - £3 car boot sale

I am also linking to Frugal Queen's room renovation post yesterday. I hope more people feel inspired to re-purpose rather than buy buy buy. I've always tarted thing up because I've had to make do and mend rather than buy new.  However, I like the process too,  and rather than resenting the fact I can't afford expensive painted furniture from Laura Ashley or Barker and Stonehouse, I feel blessed that I can turn my hand to most things.
I'm now off for a shower to scrub the paint splatters off my legs :)

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

~Thrifty coastal find~

Thankyou so much for leaving bloggy comments, I love hearing from you.
I am remiss at replying but forgive me as I'm a whirling dervish with the paintbrush at the moment - chairs, walls, skirting boards -interspersed with a bit of crafting and much ebaying of stuff with the aim, of course of a simpler life...
There is definitely a 5 year plan with regard to coastal living, and I am determined to streamline and organise. For my coastal cupboard of loveliness, I found these late 60s early 70s tin canisters in the Care and Share charity shop in Filey on Saturday for £1
They have twist on lids and are in fantastic non-rusty condition.
One of my crochet WIPs is this cushion front in Sirdar Sublime yarn which is also *ahem* coastal inspired...

The colours are inspired by this collection of seaside prints from my favourite artist Tracy Savage who is based in Hornsea.

Not sure how I'll feel when September comes and my fix of pebbles, sea and sand are reduced :(