Friday, 20 December 2013

~Enjoy the festive season!~

I thought I might share some Christmas simple pleasures...
As well as the vintage baubles, I love these glass robins I bought this year.
Lovely berry-laden holly from mature trees at work *ahem* with a precious inherited wooden box that was my Home Economics teacher's sewing box...

I love the fragrance of this 'Silent Night' reed diffuser from Next...

...and finally marzipan fruits! I love them, they remind me of my Nana, the1970s and Christmases full of advocaat Snowballs ...   Both me and daughter L find all things almond and marzipan the pinnacle of indulgence, so these will be savoured! 

These lovely ones were from the gorgeous sweet shop Florence Wren on Bootham in York.
Happy Christmas everyone x

Sunday, 1 December 2013

~Christmas Decs~

Maybe we're all keen to be cheered up by twinkly lights and shiny things...that must be why everyone in our street was busy up ladders today putting their outside lights up.  I am tight and don't go in for outside stuff however I did wash my windows and front door and put a new wreath on my door. I've made the kitchen dresser look festive using the wool felt bunting I made last year.
I've also put my tree up, again using my growing collection of old glass baubles plus some modern kitschy glass robins, birds and snowmen. 

I love it - though daughter L would prefer a tree that was more tasteful and less (in her own words) *bat shit crazy* :)