Sunday, 1 December 2013

~Christmas Decs~

Maybe we're all keen to be cheered up by twinkly lights and shiny things...that must be why everyone in our street was busy up ladders today putting their outside lights up.  I am tight and don't go in for outside stuff however I did wash my windows and front door and put a new wreath on my door. I've made the kitchen dresser look festive using the wool felt bunting I made last year.
I've also put my tree up, again using my growing collection of old glass baubles plus some modern kitschy glass robins, birds and snowmen. 

I love it - though daughter L would prefer a tree that was more tasteful and less (in her own words) *bat shit crazy* :)


  1. Sally I love your tree. I love Vintage decorations the more the better. I'm still deciding do I want lights outside or not.
    Watch this space.

  2. it looks lovely, especially the felt bunting. No tree up here yet but research is ongoing.

  3. Looking lovely :)

    Need to hunt down all our bits - not quite sure where some things are after the move!!

    Hope you're all well?

  4. It looks lovely Sally. I haven't come across any old baubles while carbooting this year. No decs here yet - possibly this week though depending on time left after gift making.

  5. Both tree and twinkly dresser look lovely and festive - and how well organised you are to get it all done on the first day of December!
    Love your daughters phrase!
    have a good week Sally
    Gill xx

  6. almost fainted when I took a closer look at that lovely dresser of yours... you have the same plate up as me - the painsley green one.. I have almost a whole set on my dresser! I just LOVE that set of plates!!!

  7. I love your tree! It is just the right amount crazy!

  8. Sally I think it all looks fabulous and I love trees to look like that. We wont be putting ours up for a couple of weeks yet but it will be multi coloured, a mix of old and new baubles, the Frank Sinatra ones thrown in too.Definitely eclectic in our house. I have got my little driftwood tree too and Little O has got a tiny pink tree to put in her bedroom here. Your dresser looks gorgeous-so jealous!!

  9. It looks lovely. My tree always looks like I've thrown half of Woolworths christmas stock at it, just how I like it :)

  10. Hi Sally, I love the vintage style tree & beautiful baubles, your dresser looks fab too. I can't say I've ever gone in for lights outside, there are plenty of other people doing that for me to have a nosey at. x


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