Sunday, 20 May 2012

~Stall Photos from Rivers Meet Market~

Stacy @Sostacysews and Lexie @secretthimble and I have had a lovely day at Rivers Meet Market in May. We were pretty quick at setting up our 3-in-1 pop-up shop - all ready with 30 minutes to spare for our flasks of coffee and jubilee chocolate brownies...
I aimed for a red, white and blue theme including some jubilee union jack bunting on the gazebo.
Best-sellers of the day for me were candles, vintage fabric, brooches, vintage knitting patterns and bric-a-brac. Unfortunately my tea cosy, mug warmers, pincushion and bunny didn't sell...
Below - some of Lexie's cushions made from repurposed coffee sacks and embroidery hoops - available on
Some of Stacy's lovely bags (right of photo) and she had lots of cross-stitched badges and cards that will shortly be for sale at Vintage Rose in Selby, North Yorkshire

It's a shame the warm sun didn't show it's face but thankfully it didn't rain!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

~A few sneaky peeks...~

Here are a few things that will be on my stall at Rivers Meet on Sunday...
A pretty pincushion made from an old teacup and saucer covered in fabric...

A mug warmer made from a felted angora cardigan and eiderdown fabric...

...fastened with wool felt and vintage buttons
Everything Stops For Tea mug warmer, made from a felted wool blanket with handmade heart buttons.
Hope to see you there! x
Rivers Meet Craft cafe - Market in May, Sunday 20th May 10am - 3pm  Methley, Leeds LS26 9EP.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

~Lavender Attic, Rivers Meet & Lubylu Candles~

Next Sunday 20th May is the Market In May event at Rivers Meet Craft Cafe
from 10am - 3pm where I'm sharing a stall with @sostacysews and @secretthimble.
I've decided to have a sort of travelling pop-up shop of Lavender Attic's favourite things where you can find...
♥Vintage-inspired homewares
♥Vintage finds such as kitchenalia, bric-a-brac, fabrics & buttons
♥Homemade lovely things 

♥ St Eval candles handmade in Cornwall
When I host an afternoon tea, there will be the opportunity to have a look. Tea, cake and shopping - it really doesn't get any better! Also I'll be happy to have a stall at fundraising events or even parties at
home if requested. 
I'm also really excited to be a stockist of Lubylu candles - beautiful handmade natural wax candles which are made in Yorkshire by the very talented Lucy, who lives not too far from me. I have the pretty tins which are decorated with stamped wax motifs and glitter... 

and the gorgeous rainbow of colours in glass jar candles...
I met Lucy at the last Rivers Meet event and I'll be selling these Lubylu candles on my stall on Sunday.
I'm also planning to have a launch and shopping evening; no doubt with cake and perhaps a Pimms or two, one night in the next couple of weeks. Must get organised!
It's also coming up to my 1st Blogger-versary next week...I really appreciate it so much that you read and follow Lavender Attic.  I'm really pleased to have reached this little milestone along with 101 followers! Thankyou x

Thursday, 10 May 2012

~Lemon Curd recipe~

As promised to my lovely colleague J - here is my lemon curd recipe for her son C to have a go at making!  It's a tangy little number - I've tried a few different permutations and quantities and find this one is more lemony and less eggy than some recipes! It's especially delicious on toast, in the middle of blueberry muffins, or used to sandwich a sponge cake together. It makes 2 small jars and lasts about 2 weeks (or it would if you didn't snaffle it all v. quickly!)

Grate 3 unwaxed lemons finely (just the yellow zest layer) then cut them in half and squeeze out the juice. Add the zest and the sieved juice to a bowl over a pan of hot water on the hob.
Weigh 8oz (200g) caster sugar and 4oz (100g) butter...

Add it to the juice/zest in the bowl, turn on the heat and cook slowly, stirring with a balloon whisk until the sugar is melted and doesn't feel 'gritty' any more...(about 5-10 minutes)
Then add 2 beaten eggs to the mixture, whisking and mixing all the time (you do not want lemony scrambled eggs - so do not leave the kitchen at this stage!) I whisk it all the time at first, and then every minute or takes about 20-30 minutes until it thickens up. (Don't overcook it as it thickens when it cools, too).
Pour into jars (sterilised in dishwasher or oven @ 160 degrees for 10 minutes.) Store in the fridge.

Monday, 7 May 2012

~The Caravan~

Well, after a hectic weekend, Chateau H is parked on the drive! As novice caravan-towers, the way back from Bridlington was a white-knuckle ride to say the least, following (very) basic skills gleaned via YouTube and Caravan Club leaflets.  The caravan is actually very light as caravans go so it shouldn't be too difficult...
I spent yesterday afternoon blitzing it clean inside.  It's already a WIP - can you spot a bit of bunting in the back window?

My brain is now filled with thoughts of jockey wheels, leisure batteries, motor movers and how to empty the Thetford cassette toilet. Lots of exciting stuff to learn, hehe...
Son J and I slept out in it last night on the driveway. The ultimate staycation or what?
This is the bunting I've made a start on - lots of favourite vintage fabric scraps, including a 1970s pillowcase and some embroidered doilies...
Here's a peek of the dress I bought at the Festival of Vintage in York last week.  I'm still in the process of carefully mending some of the seams as it's quite worn in places. It's a stiff pure cotton fabric and I love the colours, the roses and the French newspaper and music design...
It wasn't a thrifty purchase I have to say, but I will treasure it, keep it forever, and, most importantly, wear it!