Monday, 7 May 2012

~The Caravan~

Well, after a hectic weekend, Chateau H is parked on the drive! As novice caravan-towers, the way back from Bridlington was a white-knuckle ride to say the least, following (very) basic skills gleaned via YouTube and Caravan Club leaflets.  The caravan is actually very light as caravans go so it shouldn't be too difficult...
I spent yesterday afternoon blitzing it clean inside.  It's already a WIP - can you spot a bit of bunting in the back window?

My brain is now filled with thoughts of jockey wheels, leisure batteries, motor movers and how to empty the Thetford cassette toilet. Lots of exciting stuff to learn, hehe...
Son J and I slept out in it last night on the driveway. The ultimate staycation or what?
This is the bunting I've made a start on - lots of favourite vintage fabric scraps, including a 1970s pillowcase and some embroidered doilies...
Here's a peek of the dress I bought at the Festival of Vintage in York last week.  I'm still in the process of carefully mending some of the seams as it's quite worn in places. It's a stiff pure cotton fabric and I love the colours, the roses and the French newspaper and music design...
It wasn't a thrifty purchase I have to say, but I will treasure it, keep it forever, and, most importantly, wear it!


  1. Hello and welcome to caravan-land! I love our caravan and, like you, have already started on the transformation.
    If you need practical stuff for it I found Towsure a good company at reasonable prices. Mr T was convince I am a spendaholic when, looking through their catalogue, I fell in love with a boat ladder! Ahem, we don't currently have a boat .....

  2. I have incredibly fond memories of trailer-tenting with my parents when I was a kid. Hope you really enjoy your caravan. Jx

  3. Have serious caravan envy! I would love one just in my garden to sit in and escape now and again ... I don't even mind if it has no wheels! Love, love, love your dress too! Enjoy rest of Bank Holiday Monday, love, Claire xxx

  4. Hello! am a loving your campa van! Enjoyed reading through your blog...Love the dress also...x

  5. Thankyou for your lovely words...
    Tea and Cake - thanks for the Towsure advice. Please share some of your caravan transformation photos with me!
    Jan - 16 yr old not too thrilled, but I'm sure she'll actaully have a good laugh with us! thanks x
    Claire - You're right, yesterday and today I've sat in the caravan reading (and hiding!) with a cuppa!
    Maria, thanks and pleased to meet you - have become a follower of your blog x

  6. Brilliant Sally I am really glad you got what you have wanted for a long time! I'm sure it will soon be 'sally'd' in your own lovely, unique personal style and cant wait to see your piccies of it!

  7. Love your dress! How brill to have a caravan - bunting looks great!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  8. How wonderful!! I'm sure you will soon get used to towing your caravan. I look forward to seeing the transformation - I'm sure you will make yours very cosy and pretty xx

  9. Look forward to following the make-over!

  10. The bunting is looking great! What an exciting project this is going to be.....

  11. Oh what fun you will have I am sure! What with making it a home from home with pretty bunting and then going off in it you're going to be busy!
    Love the fabric of the dress, simply lovely!
    Your cake in the header looks mouthwateringly good!
    Have a great week!
    Gill xx

  12. Hi Sally, Happy New Caravan! It's brilliant, love it and I'm sure you'll start having fun in it now you've got on top of the cleaning.
    Also, what a fabulous print fabric on the dress, I can see how you couldn't resist it.
    Lots of great projects ahead for you in the caravan.
    Sally x

  13. I am just about to join the caravan club - we should be picking ours up at the weekend - just the small matter of a massive drive for MrVV but he is more than happy to do so :)

    Dawn @ LifeontheEastCoast mentioned about you & your new town - hence I am your newest follower :)

  14. Loving that dress fabric, can we see the whole of it please?!


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