Tuesday, 14 August 2012

~Sewing Room Tidy Up~

The messy state of the sewing room has been a bone of contention in our house for a while now.  It's always way down my list of things to do, though I admit it's a source of stress as it's where all the home paperwork is dumped filed, and I store my candles and made-up stock there too.  After some baking and picallilli-making this morning, I've made a start sorting fabric - as you know stroking and folding fabric is a favourite stress-busting pastime of mine - and I've put some aside to list on eBay tonight. There are some FQ's and wool skirt lengths and upholstery fabric, so if you fancy a look my eBay link is in my sidebar, username  lavender_attic. Here's a bit of tidy shelves...

Now, if I can stop getting sidetracked by discovering long-lost patterns, books and half-finished projects I will get it tidied!


  1. Tidying our attic room is on the list of things to do whilst J is off for 2 weeks ( he finishes on Friday). It's an absolute tip - unwanted things to be listed on ebay, fabric, wool, bags of feathers,and food stocks that won't fit into the kitchen cupboards. It's really getting on my nerves now so it has to be done as I'm going to start my C*****mas crafting soon and that's where my craft area is.

  2. Ok ok I get the hint, you can see through the computer screen in my work room and your post is a subliminal message telling me to make a start on mine right? ;)
    I have 8 bolts of fabric arriving today and no idea where I'm going to store them! Today may well be the day I'm forced into a tidy up ;)


  3. Ha Sally, I think we are all like minded! Most of my house is untidy at the moment! Its just that while the weather has been better I didnt want to give it a good fettle.Tony has to work Saturday so I will have a good clean then! Hope you are all ok !

  4. Oh, I love a pile of nicely folded fabric! We've just moved, and my craft stuff is just roughly stacked in a corner. Five days later it is already annoying me!

  5. I know exactly what ur talking about! I always end up doing the exact same thing -spending Way to much time on looking at things instead of getting everything into the right places!!

    Have a Nice day and feel free to join my international giveaway!

  6. It's looking good Sally, very organised, tidying is such an unnecessary / necessary chore!
    Have a good weekend x


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