Friday, 17 August 2012

~Thrifting Finds~

I'm not enjoying this muggy, oppressive weather which just leaves me feeling sticky and moody! I've decided I'm definitely a Spring and Autumn girl.  This afternoon and evening I've been in the garage continuing the painting of my dresser, but I thought I'd share some recent thrifting finds...
A couple of vintage 1970s cellular blankets...this pink one's wool and is destined for eBay...

...but I'm keeping this blue one, which I got for £1.

  Some Sirdar Sublime and King Cole Merino Wool for £1 at the Car Boot Sale.

Vintage book about York printed in 1951, 10p at the Car Boot Sale.

Woods Ware tiny cup and saucer (50p car boot sale) for my expanding utility china collection...
I know often we thrifters have slim pickings, especially at the charity shops, but there are still bargains to be had, especially at the less regular boot sales.  I think there are more householders having a good declutter, rather than the regular boot sale traders.  I could have spent a lot more, there was a pre-war teaset and a bevelled mirror I fancied, but I only went with ten pounds!


  1. Hi Sally,Love all your latest finds,I agree I'm much happier in the cooler weather,Spring and Autumn are My favourite months too,I just read its set to be 32 degrees tomorrow,yuk! I ll be looking for somewhere cool to hide,lol,I hope you have a lovely weekend,take care, love juliexo

  2. Love all your goodies! What bargain buys. You can never have too many blankets! I am also fed up with this weather, it's making my wilt! xx

  3. Super finds Sally! Love those blankets!
    Victoria xx

  4. Great finds. I really like the colour of the wool you bought. My hubby's Nan has that style of teacups (she has the whole china set of that one)..she makes the best cups of teas in those cups :)
    Have a lovely day today..
    Magie x

  5. Love your thrifty finds! I've almost given up with charity shops now. Most of them here have had the Mary Portas treatment and some are trying to sell damaged items at an inflated price because ' they're vintage'.I've had much better luck buying mixed boxes at the auction- I keep the things that I want and that enticed me to bid in the first place and sell the rest. Quite often selling one item covers the cost of the box so I get the things I wanted for free! A few weeks ago I bought ' a box of household items' for £2. It contained 7 pieces of Hornsea in patterns that both K and I collect, along with a whole host of other stuff. - vintage rolling pins etc. Last weekend I went into a charity shop in town whilst I was waiting for the health food shop to open - they had 8 pieces of Hornsea but wanted £45 for it!

  6. Hi Sally. I love spring and autumn best so I'm with you on that one.
    Lovely finds but I also find that I only take a limited amount of money with me too otherwise I am worried I would go over my budget.

  7. I had a pink blanket just like that when I was a child! I feel quite nostalgic just at the sight of it!

    Pomona x

  8. Love your finds, that blue blanket brings back memories!
    Yes, slim pickings at charity shops and carbootys, think people are either holding on to their possessions or selling them on ebay. Hard times for many.
    Carol xx

  9. Great finds.I also have that pink blanket - so soft.


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