Friday, 3 May 2013

~Charity Shop finds~

How lovely to finish work on a Friday and know it's a Bank Holiday!  I went to the hairdressers after work to get my colour done and popped into my favourite charity shop - it's an 'old lady' type of shop (which is infinitely preferable, more interesting and cheaper than a rebranded posh type with laminate flooring).
First find in the bric-a-brac boxes on the floor...
 ...a Washington pottery large bowl; cream colour with 22kt gold pattern.  This is my new fruit bowl!
I then went inside and had a rummage for vintage patterns- none that appealed today as they were all 1980s batwing and shoulder-pad hell rather than 1960s - but I did find this vintage cotton braid trimming (perhaps for a lampshade?)

"A pound for 'em both love, is that okay?"
"Oooh yes, ta very much"
There are still bargains to be found out there, keep the thrifting faith!
I'm off to the seaside this weekend to spend some quality car-booting time with my Mum, so hopefully will have more to share next week.
Have a lovely long weekend!


  1. Both finds are great Sally and I hope you manage to get loads more from booting this weekend with your lovely mum. Wish we were going to the seaside, sadly I'm waving my youngest son and his family off to Australia on sunday.We are going away for a few days from 16th may for our wedding anniversary to Runswick bay, I cant wait for that.Looks like you are in for a treat with the weather. Enjoy!!

  2. Bargain! The bowl is beautiful but then so is the braid - there'll be a perfect use for it somewhere. Have a lovely (warm) weekend x Jane

  3. Nice finds Sally, there seem to be less and less of the genuinely cheap charity shops these days but like little nuggets when you find them.
    Have a good weekend at the coast. x

  4. Bargains, don't you just love them! x

  5. That bowl is glorious. Also, your braid trim is worth at least 20 pounds (I worked in a fabric shop) so you can feel pretty pleased about that!

  6. What great finds! And even greater prices!!! Well done to you!

  7. What brilliant finds, you must be chuffed :o)
    love jooles xxx


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