Thursday, 16 May 2013

~Easy Knitted Teddy~

Using this pattern from Yorkshire-based knitting yarn company King Cole, my spare minutes this week have been spent making a teddy for a gift.
King Cole Pattern  9008
3 sizes of bear on 1 pattern
I've used some cream DK soft yarn to make Alba Bear; a 1st birthday present for a friend's grandaughter...
I made her a cute Cath Kidston neckerchief - mainly to hide my dodgy sewing when attaching the head! I stressed a fair bit before embroidering the face.  I didn't want to make Scary Angry Bear and be responsible for giving a child nightmares, so I split brown embroidery cotton into 3 strands and think the result is less harsh than using wool. 
You've got to feel sorry for Small Dog however, who is trying to launch himself vertically at
the kitchen dresser to get at the finished teddy.  He is in love and would like to keep Alba Bear all for himself.


  1. That made me the laugh ...the bit about Small Dog that is as it reminds me of my sister's poodle Misty who thinks every soft toy in or out of her house is hers

    Your Teddy is a sweetie and hasn't a stern face at all. He looks as if he needs a cuddle though (being new he is uncuddled as yet)I'm sure the child will love him and give him plenty of those cuddles.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  2. I think your bear has a lovely face. It's really easy to get expressions wrong and create incredibly irritated bears!!! Jx

  3. Just gorgeous! The face is so friendly, and the bear so beautifully made. I'm sure it will be greatly loved and treasured - what a special gift!
    Gill xx

  4. Faces, my one dread! You've done a super job and I swear that bear was reading my mind! x

  5. Aah, it looks a really sweet bear Sally and i think the face is spot on. Shame the doggie has taken a liking to it!! x

  6. Its lovely Sally and the CK neckerchief adds a lovely finishing touch, dodging sewing or not (I cant believe you would have needed to cover up your sewing by the way!!). Poor dog too! I think you should knit him one!


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