Tuesday, 26 July 2011

~Charity Shop Marathon~

10 charity shops in 2 days... Not bad going considering the kids are at home and family life is busy. I have tried not to buy everything I fancy, mainly because I can't afford to at the moment. Thrifting is tricky territory though - on the one hand you've got to grab it when you see it -  it's a never-to-be-repeated-offer; but it's important to have a little voice saying the following;
  1. 'do you really need that?'
  2.  'will you use it?'
  3. 'where the devil will you put it?'
  4.  'can you sell it on?'
  5.  'and anyway you already have 5 of them'
This teaset was a real gem I think, 1950s Broadhurst 'Alpine' - gorgeous colours and shapes, edged in silver. In VGC; just a little crazy in places; just like it's new owner!
It passed the 5 question test; 1. Yes    2. Yes   3. China cabinet    4.Yes     5. No, I don't. 
I paid £5 for the set. Something that didn't pass the test was a wooden hostess/serving trolley for £3, but I still feel guilty that I could've rescued it, painted it, used it and loved it.


  1. oh wow that is great!! Tea sets are going up in price in the charity shops here, i think they've cottoned on to the fact that a red headed girl comes and buys them haha I see you live in York..i lived there when i was young...in Fulford :)


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