Saturday, 30 July 2011

~Lemon, mint & ginger cordial ~

I have been decorating and moving 9 year old J's bedroom up to the 2nd floor, no expense involved - just hard graft tidying, cleaning and running up and down stairs 50 times. The PC and internet then wouldn't work, and I don't think Ikea beds are meant to be dismantled and rebuilt, but we got there in the end! It works better for us as a family, so my sewing room has now been relocated. The move meant I have sorted loads of stuff to put on eBay, but I admit I did spend too much time folding and admiring my fabric pile...

I also made this blind for the landing window - in nice stripy ticking fabric called 'Berit Beige/Pink' from Ikea...
...and I've been making jam (more next time), beetroot soup, and this gorgeous cordial...

Recipe for Lemon, mint & ginger cordial
Put 160g sugar and a good handful of torn mint leaves in a pan with 160ml water. Bring to the boil. Turn temp down and cook for 5 mins. Then add about 1 inch of grated fresh root ginger - (I keep mine in the freezer and used about 1 inch of it - no need to peel it - add more if you like). Carry on cooking it for 5 mins, then turn off the heat.  When cooled, add the juice of 6 lemons and store in a sterilised glass bottle in the fridge. (Ooops, forgot to say pour it through a sieve). Dilute with still .water/sparkling water approx 1:5
I also made crystallised lemon peel with the leftover peel by cooking it in water, then sugar syrup until sticky, then tossing it in sugar a couple of hours later.

Have a lovely weekend, hope the sun's shining!


  1. Hello - have been lurking while but had to say that the cordial sounds lovely and I shall be making it today. Our lemon trees are overflowing and it'll be a great way to use some up! thanks for the lovely blog. As a homesick Brit living in Australia at the moment, it's so nice to read an english blog!

  2. Thanks Alex... I have just added to the post that I forgot to say; sieve the mint and ginger out of it before bottling it! Lucky you to have lots of your own lemons...what about making lemon curd too!? x Lavender Attic


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