Saturday, 9 July 2011

~Seaside Outing~

I think of the East Coast seaside as my spiritual home - I spent a lot of my childhood and teenage years there. After a hectic week I've spent a day and night at the seaside which is just enough to charge my batteries and blow the cobwebs off. This view makes my heart sing...'s the good old North Sea, honest. And this too

I love the pebbles on the beach, the wooden breakers; and the sound of the waves.
I fitted in a quick look in the charity shops and second hand shops of this lovely town too; and came away with some more vintage melamine (1960s Melaware 2 cups for 40p- one still has the label on from new!) Look at the handle shape, and they are my favourite shade of green too;
and a lovely crochet blanket for £1. Away into the caravan stash they go!

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