Sunday, 16 October 2011

~Haberdashery Heaven~

I took part in a Twitter chat this week about the lack of Haberdashery in department stores these days...Of course I know shopping habits have changed - and I buy ribbon, buttons and fabric online like the next crafty-person- but nothing beats a leisurely mooch and touchy-feel around an inspiring haberdashery. Some crafters in the South West can't find decent supplies and it has to be said Hobbycraft did reply and say they were looking at the situation. However, personally I love independent shops.  And I have to say I don't mind a market hall haberdashery stall for basics - but choice is limited and often not the style or quality that I'd like. It's a bit like grocery shopping - I get basics from one place and shop around. I like to buy vintage buttons from a certain charity shop in Wetherby, thread, tape and basic supplies from here and wool from Wool and Buttons here.  In York and Leeds we're lucky in that we have the famous Duttons for Buttons and Samuel Taylor, as well as my new favourite Haberdashery Heaven in the previously blogged-about Me and Mrs Fisher. This little treasure trove, called Sunday Nest, is part of Liz and Hannah's emporium and is accessed through Narnia-esque doors from the tearoom, up the stairs and next to where the craft workshops take place. Gorgeous, gorgeous things - I heart♥ily recommend it!
Some of my purchases .....
I also bought a lovely mouse and pumpkin pin cushion which I will feature in a Giveaway tomorrow.
If you visit York make sure you pop into Me and Mrs Fisher.


  1. Jealous now...... Loving the pink & green lace :). Luckily I found 2 "lucky dip" bags at car boot sale yesterday full of lovely bits. Now proud owner of a great green bobble trim.

  2. Beautiful things! We used to have a fabulous stall on our indoor market - one of many , but this one was double size, was owned by a very knowledgable man, and was crammed to the gunnels with absolutely beautiful things. I bought all the pearl hearts there that I handtsitched to my wedding veil to embelish it.The stall has changed hands, looks like it is run down , and never has what I want these days, and all the other stalls have gone. I find it quite sad when I visit. I went in Hobbycraft yesterday , and nearly fainted at the price of wool in there - £7.49 per ball !! Is that normal these days? I rely on finding stuff at carboot sales and charity shops, and used ebay to buy the upholstery braid I used on the chairs and the ottoman. That was very good quality, a good price and was delivered quickly.So, no lovely haberdashery shops here either, yet the town was full of them when I moved here in 1976.Sorry, I seem to have written an essay - I never realised how passionately I felt about haberdashery! Have a good week x

  3. Thanks Jan & Scarlet - great comments; and I think we do feel strongly about haberdashery, it reflects how generic shopping has become now. *Yay* for independent retailers - it can't be easy in these austere times so let's support them where we can...

  4. Went into our local John Lewis on Saturday. They've revamped the Haberdashery dept, looks wonderful, but SO expensive. The wool section looks fabulous, but all the wool is Debbie Bliss or Rowan, and I just can't afford to buy the colour range I need. I've had to take to the dye bath!
    Penny (Planet Penny)

  5. Looks like you got some lovely bits... Love Duttons for Buttons... bought one of their lovely button bags on a recent trip back home :)


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