Saturday, 3 December 2011

~Christmas Wreath~

The Christmas wreaths I fancy for the door are always too expensive.  If I spent a lot of money I'm afraid I'd be too worried it might get half-inched (sad but true).
So I've done what I've done before....
I bought the cheapest wreath of fresh greenery from the local greengrocers (£7.50), then removed the unwanted paper bow and fake poinsettias (yuk). Added a gingham fabric bow (last year's recycled ribbon). I then used craft wire to add 3 fresh red chillis plus greenery and berries from the garden.  I've used orange pyracanthus berries, variegated holly and fatsia japonica flower heads.

I wonder if people will think of their fuel bills and the credit crunch this year and think twice about putting their outdoor decorations and fairy lights up? I've just strung some battery operated LED lights on the box trees outside the front door, whereas in years past we would have had icicle lights and illuminated snowflakes a-plenty.  


  1. That's lovely. I never had a wreath on the door at the old house as I was worried it would get pinched. I may have one here as the door is on the side, so it's less obvious and it's a much nicer area. I've seen a few houses lit up like Blackpool already, so some people either aren't affected or aren't bothered!

  2. Sally that wreath looks gorgeous. I never thought of doing anything like that but I might do now!!!

  3. Thanks Anne & Scarlet
    I think the kids will think I am being like The Grinch, but daft to waste money outside when you can make it all cosy and twinkly inside! x Sally
    PS Hope your sink problems get sorted Scarlet x

  4. What a great idea to customize a basic wreath, I love the addition of chillies, looks fabulously festive!
    I wish people would be a bit more frugal with their outside lights display. Why do so many not realise that less is more. Bah humbug!

  5. Your wreath is lovely what a clever idea, it looks like a very expensive one. I never put one out I worry it will wilt and look sad, do they last or do you have to spray them.

  6. Thankyou very much - they last really well, I never resoak the oasis ring - the cold weather keeps it looking fresh.

  7. A gorgeous colourful wreath - I haven't seen any that nice in the shops!


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