Monday, 16 April 2012

~Mirror, mirror on the wall...~

Mirror, mirror on the wall
I would like to own you all
Charity shop, car boot or vintage fair
I cannot bear to leave you there!
Mirrors (along with cashmere cardigans, cups and saucers, utility crockery, vintage linens, fabrics and chairs...) are one of the things I search for at boot sales, charity shops and vintage fairs.  Some of my recent thrifted and vintage finds have been mirrors.  I always marvel how they survive being discarded/thrown out and buy them to bounce the light around my little house! Here are some of my favourite mirrors...

Last week's charity shop find - an old bevelled mirror with chain for £3.  I've hung it in my sewing room.

This 1960s circular mirror has a cream melamine or formica frame.  Very, very heavy! Given to me by my brother S a couple of years ago.
The mirror in my kitchen was a dated orange pine colour before it was painted in F&B New White and rubbed down...
Another recent charity shop find for £4.  This bevelled mirror has a solid wooden back. Just waiting for the OH to hang it above the fireplace!

My favourite is this vintage triple mirror bought at Ilkley Vintage Bazaar last year.  I coveted it for a while at a couple of fairs before I bought it for £25.

Adorned with a string of floral fairy lights - from Yorkshire based company 
...And finally, when you run out of wall space, you can put them in the garden!

Though I reserve this fate for damaged or woodworm-y examples! If they have woodworm I remove the wooden backs, and they are perfectly okay outdoors -they've survived intact outside all Winter.
What's top of your thrifting list? Are you a mirror-addict too?


  1. Love your mirors. Your bevelled one is very similar to the one I bought at the carboot for my bedroom , but mine doesn't have a chain. My list is very long but here are a few - 1970s Hornsea, mirrors, fabric- but 1970s fabric in particular, vintage linens, chairs ( J has forbidden me from buying any more), Lloyd Loom style stuff, wool,haberdashery bits and pieces, pretty plates. I could go on and on!

  2. Hi Sally, loving all your mirrors! I have quite a few, not old ones though but a couple are wooden ones which I have fallen out of love with.I really like the one you gave the coat of farrow and ball paint too and have to say you have inspired me to take up my painting brush again!
    I'm not sure what would be top of my thrifting list, got many things really but wool,fabric and pretty china are always my favs!

  3. What pretty mirrors (great prices as well). I love old bevelled mirrors, I have a few hanging in my living room and bedroom. I have never thought of adding them outside though..what a great idea!
    I love your triple mirror with the fairy is just lovely :)
    Magie x

  4. Great blog - I've just become a follower. I am collecting round wall mirrors at the moment for my bathroom. Not doing very well in the C.shops but ebay hasn't let me down!

  5. Hi Sally, I do like your mirrors and I like the use of them in odd places to draw light and interest to an area.
    I can't say I've ever bought any from charity shops because I'm a bit clumsy and I would most likely clang it into something on my way home and break it and I'm superstitious about breaking mirrors.
    I'm more likely to hunt out vintage ceramics & Hornsea Pottery at the charity shops but I've also chipped things because they don't always wrap your stuff in paper and just put it in a bag. My recent guilty pleasures which I'm always seeking at c shops are embroidered vintage linens, fabric & teatowels!
    Have fun ! x

  6. What lovely mirrors, well spotted, great to see they have found a good home even the ones that are damaged.
    Carol xx

  7. I too love mirrors and a few have made their way into my home. I have not been looking lately in order to save a little cash and to make sure I don't over clutter the house.


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