Sunday, 22 April 2012

~Simple Pleasures - Weekend bunny make~

I got this lovely book by Sarah Moore for my birthday back in February.
 Gorgeous photos, gorgeous layout and design - just my kind of book. Country Living are serialising some of the projects from the book; so despite missing the Easter Bunny deadline, I thought I'd have a go at the lavender bunny (p.111) which is shown on the front cover, using scraps and trimmings I already had.
Bunny's front is made from some pale pink fluffy wool fabric...
...with a vintage wool tweed reverse, complete with a pom-pom tail...
I especially enjoyed making the carrot from leftover linen scraps...
...and a tote bag to keep it in!
And every bunny needs a comfy place to sleep...
Not sure with who or to where she is destined to go - she may go to Rivers Meet 'A Market in May' with me when I have a stall at the craft cafe in Methley, near Castleford in May.
Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend, despite the rain!


  1. I have this book too. So far I have just flicked through, daydreaming as I go! I think I am going to try making the layered corsages.

    Oh and I found a very cheap decanter in a charity shop recently and now ues that to store bubble bath - very pretty.

    Lorraine xx

  2. So very sweet, and beautifully made.
    Thea x

  3. The bunny is really gorgeous Sally, you have done a brilliant job with it. If we are back from our hols I will pop along to Rivers meet, we are going to see Barry Manilow on the saturday night and staying over in Manchester.

  4. Hi Sally, aaah the little bunny is so sweet, I love these sort of keepsakes and the accessories are fab too.
    I'm planning Saturday afternoon as my only chance to go to the vintage festival so I'm going to email you later and pick your brains.
    Sally x

  5. I love her. Will try and get a copy of the book now.

  6. Hi Sally, just nominated you for the Sunshine blog award. If you would like to accept it for your blog, check the details out on mine!!
    p.s. would love to go to the open garden, i had seen it in the yellow book!

  7. I've got that book too and I've made a couple of things from it, love your bunny, Lucey x

  8. That's really cute! I wish that I had the patience to make something so detailed! Jx

  9. very cute, love the patchwork too - so cheery xx

  10. What a ridiculously cute set of rabbity things! I LOVE it!!!!! Every bunny needs a tote bag to keep his favourite carrot in! :-)


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