Sunday, 1 July 2012

~Dress reveal & Birthdays~

Thanks to Magie at Teacups & Bunting blog for asking to have a peek at my Dress #2 that I mentioned in my previous post...I'm too shy and dissatisfied with photos of myself actually wearing the dress, but here it is without me in it...

I used some black cotton dress fabric with ditsy pink and grey roses, bought from Boyes for £3.99 a metre, but I actually used the reverse of the fabric for a more faded vintage look.
You can see the brighter fabric inside better here...
...I prefer the faded colours. I wore it with this pretty rose necklace and a thin black belt and patent shoes.  It did look nice I have to say, thanks in no small part to some good solid foundation garments!

It's also Small Dog's 2nd Birthday today...

Bless his little cotton socks.
He is so funny and good company.
Happy Birthday!


  1. Happy birthday to Small Dog
    what a cutie :-)
    Is that his name Sally?

    Amanda :-)

  2. Lovely dress :) I never model mine for the blog either!

  3. Hello,
    I loved your pretty dress and thought the fabric was gorgeous!!
    well done to Amanda, on her winning of such a lovely prize....
    wishing you a week full of kindness!
    Maria x

  4. Aww I wanted to mention, small dog too...
    Have fallen in love with him!!
    Such a cutie....

  5. What a gorgeous dress, I LoVe that fabric!
    Victoria xx

  6. The dress is lovely, you're very clever, I would love to be able to make dresses like that! Happy Birthday Small Dog, he looks very like our wee Gary :)

  7. Happy birthday to small dog! Your dress looks lovely. I am in awe of peopl who can dress-make.....! Jx

  8. Well done you, so very clever, we all need a little foundation now and then!
    Thea x

  9. Your dresses are gorgeous, congratulations

    Happy Birthday to Small Dog

  10. The dress looks lovely Sally, I sometimes prefer the reverse fabric for a different effect.
    I've just bought some of the batiky style fabric they have in Boyes, maybe a top or some groovy trousers if I can sit and concentrate for a few hours on a pattern!
    Belated birthday wishes to Mr. Dog! x

  11. Thanks for sharing the is so pretty. I like your idea of using the reverse side of the fabric for a more faded vintage look.
    A Very Happy 2nd Birthday to Mr. Small dog..he looks so cute!!
    Wishing you a lovely day today :)
    Magie x

  12. Happy birthday to your doggy!! Cute as ever!
    Love your dress Sally, it is so you!
    Cant believe you need fat pants either!!

  13. Happy birthday cute doggie x

  14. Happy belated birthday greetings to sweet small dog.
    Another lovely dress.
    Have a lovely weekend with, hopefully, not too much rain.
    Carol xx


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