Thursday, 26 July 2012

~Simple Pleasures of the week~

As the pennies are tight at the moment I say *hurrah* for the simple pleasures of day-to-day life (the ones that don't cost the earth and make you smile even though you feel stuck wading through the treacle of life...)
My simple pleasures of the week....

Having a chutney-making day - using ingredients I already had plus some green tomatoes from the garden...

Knitting a tea cosy for a small teapot ...
Teapot 50p charity shop, wool from my stash

Blooming roses in the garden, not decimated by 

Rosa 'Life Begins at 40'

Rosa 'The Pilgrim'

Baking my favourite double-chocolate brownies on the cheap...
Sainsbury's Basics Chocolate 30p a bar
I used 3 bars of chocolate, which cost less than a pound. It's Belgian chocolate with 52% cocoa solids and tastes as good as always (there were tears fighting over it I can tell you!)


...getting all the washing dry on the line.
(Sad but true; it's a simple pleasure for me.  In my opinion tumble-dryers should be un-invented. As should plug-in air fresheners...grrrr....just open your windows and get some fresh air circulating...whinge over...)

Hope you're finding some simple pleasures in your week too...x


  1. I am also with you on simple pleasures,,,I love your tea cozy that is simply prescious..

  2. What a pretty tea-cosy! My simple pleasure has been drawing back the curtains and seeing blue sky. Oh - and not going to work!!! Jx

  3. Ooh I love simple pleasures and I'm with you on the air freshener front!
    Victoria xx

  4. I'm with you on the washing drying on the line. One of my simple pleasures at this time of year is watering the garden, tubs and baskets with a hose (we don't have a ban) at about 7 o'clock in the morning and then just sitting out there with a cup of coffee listening to the birds and the sound of the water falling off the plants and seeing them glistening in the sunlight.
    Patricia x

  5. The best things in life are free ... or almost! Look at the pleasure you've got and given to others by spending very little. When I'm particularly hard up, I clean my house from top to bottom, pick flowers from the garden and bake a cake for tea. It's cost nothing practically but it makes me feel rich!

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Claire xxx

  6. Well you have been very busy bee, I love making chutney and jam, It gives me a warm feeling that there is something in the store cupboard! Mmm chocolate brownies
    Thea x
    P.S Thank you for your lovely words

  7. Your makes look so tasty! we have the same green spot table cloth :) have a happy sunny weekend sweetie

    Bee happy x

  8. Hi Sally, this is a lovely post! I have bought some of that chocolate in Sainsburys to have a go at making some choc brownies for us.X

  9. Double chocolate Brownies..delish!! I really like the tea cosy you made as well, very pretty :) You have been busy..

  10. The best thing about many simple pleasures is that they are often free - birdsong, the rustle of leaves, a sunny day and, priceless, a smile or a kind word, so many to choose from.
    Love the teacosy and the brownies sound scrumptious.
    Carol xx

  11. Very impressed with your tea cosy and chutney looks fab. I'm going to hold off drooling after chocolate brownies at the moment as I can't bake anything as the oven's died.
    Sally x


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