Wednesday, 19 September 2012

~Finished Make-Do-And-Mend Dresser~

If you remember back in July in my
  ~ Dresser Envy ~    post I started the renovation of a dresser for my kitchen which looked like this....

I used any old leftover cream and white matt emulsion to give it all 2 coats of undercoat, with sanding between coats with either wire wool or fine sandpaper.  Then the shelves and back were painted in F&B Ball Green leftover emulsion, and then waxed.  The drawers and cupboards were lined in leftover Cath Kidston wallpaper from my bedroom, and the main body had 2 coats of F&B New White eggshell.  I was under pressure as we've got some friends coming for a meal on Saturday and I didn't want it half-done.  So here it is seen in it's fairylight glory...

 I haven't fully decided what to put where; OH says it's already *too busy* ...oh dear!
I love the green alcoves and wall paper...

It does feel good to get it finished; it was a bit of a 'Forth Bridge' project, but worth it!


  1. Great transformation! I have 2 old pine wardrobes I need to paint, keep putting it off! I've even got Annie Sloan paint but at the moment I can't face it! Ada :)

  2. Looks amazing! You've done a fantastic job - it's definitely not too 'busy' by my standards! Wish we could do this with our wardrobes, but they belong to the landlord :( might have to get a bit friendlier with him then pounce...

  3. You've done a great job Sally. Mine still makes me smile when I walk into the kitchen- I'm so glad that J pointed it out to me at the charity furniture warehouse.

  4. Oh it's absolutely beautiful, you must be be very pleased with it ... was well worth it in the end! xxx

  5. Well done Sally, it looks wonderful after all your hard work - it's a large piece of furniture so not a quick job - bet you're glad its done!
    Love the green contrast and the pretty CK wallpaper too.
    Gill xx

  6. It looks wonderful what a transformation now you will have hours of fun dressing it and re dressing it!!
    Thea x

  7. What a difference Sally and I really like that shade of green. It has transformed it completely...well done!
    Thats giving me ideas as I have a pine dish rack in the kitchen and its pine and pine coloured and I am really bored with it...dare I!!!!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  8. It looks great - I am tempted to give my dresser a makeover but I am the messiest of painters :(

    I do think that dressers are meant to be cluttered ;)

  9. Wow - looks fantastic! Well worth it!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  10. What a transformation! Looks absolutely gorgeous!
    Victoria xx

  11. Now I'm the one with dresser envy Sally! How fab does it look? Cant wait to see it in the flesh so to speak in a week or so! By the way, I think dressers should be cluttered too so ignore the other half!

  12. Wow, that turned out so nicely. Will you come and redo mine? :-)

  13. Sally, it's brilliant, it's amazing what a bit of pressure can do to make you get down to finishing something. Absolutely love the colour, wouldn't it look fab with that crinoline lady tea set I photographed!
    Have a good weekend. x

  14. Congratulations, your dresser is gorgeous


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