Sunday, 17 February 2013

~Birthday Weekend~

Well, I turned 43 on Friday, which is a shocker, though I'm assured by 11 year old J that his mates think I'm waaaay younger looking than that!!  It's half-term, so for us lucky term-time workers that means a week off which I will use for Spring Cleaning, a bit of wallpapering and a lot of tea and cake and catching up with people.
I got some really thoughtful and great presents from friends and family...Do you think it's lovely that my little brother knows me so well?!?
I also received some lovely soap and bath truffles from The Yorkshire Soap Company in York, which smell divine and I've took them out of their pretty handbag-shaped boxes to display them in the bathroom on a glass cake stand...
The soap in the middle smells of violets which is one of my favourite scents, up there at the top of my fragrance top 10 with rosemary and geranium.
Twitter @ysoap
10 Blake Street
York YO1 8QG
Open 10.30-5.30 Mon-Sat, 10 - 5 Sun

Back tomorrow with a crafty book giveaway.
Sally x


  1. Happy Birthday. Sounds like you had a great day. Your soaps look really pretty on your glass dish. So glad it's half term time to catch up with all the household jobs, the list is endless!

  2. Happy Birthday. Wow, those soaps look amazing... good enough to eat! What a pretty way to show them :) xx

  3. Happy Birthday Sally
    You had some wonderful pressies...those soaps look delish!
    Thea x

  4. Happy Birthday Sally! Have a great week off! :) x

  5. Hope it was a good birthday :) 43 isn't old - its my turn in just a months time!!

    Well done to your little brother - thats an excellent present choice :)

  6. Happy birthday to you!!! Sounds like you had a super day! :-)

  7. mmmm love sloe gin :) what a good idea to display the soaps like that!

  8. Happy belated birthday, you got some lovely gifts, love the soaps, Lucey x

  9. Happy belated birthday. What a great way to display your soap and bath truffles. You need to listen to J and his mates, don't you know that 11 year olds know everything.

  10. Happy Birthday - lovely presents, such beautiful bath bombs! I'm coming to the end of my 43rd year, much to my surprise/shock!

  11. Happy Belated Birthday Sally! I love the gifts you received, especially the soaps!
    Hope you enjoy your week off.
    Helen x

  12. Hi Sally, very belated birthday greetings, we are both Aquarians and at least you are still on the good side of 45, I tipped over the bad side last week!
    Hey something else I have in common with you, violets, I received a wonderful Sweet Violet handcream and it really is like parma violets in a bottle. I just love your soap display it's wonderful. x

  13. Happy belated birthday. In a few months I am going over to the bad side of over 45. Two teenagers in tow and thinking 'where did that go'. It looks as though you were spoilt though and the bath truffles look wonderful. Mother's Day next week!! Loving your blog and now following. Take care. Chel


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