Saturday, 2 February 2013

~Clandestine Cake Club Cookbook~

I've got a bit of exciting news to share - this lovely book arrived in the post this week...

I'm so proud and a bit giddy that my recipe was chosen for the book...
It's available to buy mid-February...

My Battenberg recipe on page 43
I've blogged about the now well-known Clandestine Cake Club before, back in October 2011 (see here)   and also in August 2011 (see here)   
CCC; the clever invention of Lynn Hill from Woodlesford, Leeds, now has over 150 national and international clubs, all enjoying the simple pleasure of bakey cakey gatherings to meet people and eat cake (and you get to take some home too). 
CCC logo courtesy of
Lynn's Cookbook is really a thing of beauty - gorgeous vintage styling - lots of glass cake stands, vintage china and embroidered doilies as well as tried and tested, and tested again, recipes.I'll be back tomorrow to have a cup of tea and a chat with Lynn herself, but in the meantime, to read more about Lynn Hill and Clandestine Cake Club


  1. Hey, a lady in print!! Well done Sally for getting your recipe in print.I can vouch for it being fab, I really must have a go at it myself.Hope you are all okay X

  2. Hi Sally, well done you, that is so exciting to see your name and recipe in print and it looks such a lovely book too. Brilliant. And, being Battenburg it is just one of my favourite cakes and I remember thinking how good it looked when you blogged it once before.
    Maybe this is just the start and you could have your own recipe book. Have you seen those online publish and print your own books, I harbor a desire to do my own little craft book one day. Take a look at
    Have a good weekend x

  3. Congratulations! It must be incredible to see your words in print. Jx


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