Friday, 12 April 2013

~I ♥ Standard Lamps~

My Mum has a talent at sniffing out great things on Ebay and this week she managed to find me a Standard Lamp (minus the shade) for less than a tenner.  They're much sought after at the moment and I've been on the lookout for a cheap one for a while. Sod's law that when things get popular, the prices and bids go mad on auction sites and I didn't want to spend much. It was a collect-only item, just 10 minutes down the road.  This weekend I'll be giving it a coat of paint from leftover F&B eggshell that's already in the garage, as I can't afford the Annie Sloan paint I would like.
Though listed as 'mahogany' and 'in full working order',  it was in fact painted dark brown gloss and didn't work. Never mind, it has now been rewired and got a new plug...
Mahogany?  I think *not*!!

I will now be scouring the charity shops and car boot sales for a swanky vintage shade that I can tart up.  I'm thinking down the lines of these shades by Leeds-based Two Material Girls. 


  1. We've been looking for a standard lamp for a good while now without luck, hopefully will find one when we least expect it. Hope you find a lovely shade soon :) xx

  2. I had one just like that about 30 years ago when my then husband brought it home from a skip for me! We bought a shade very similar shape to the one you said you liked too. Alas I left it behind.I dont think I have ever seen a lampstand or shade in a charity shop around here.
    I am sure you will transform it Sally and it will look stunning!

  3. Bargain. I'm pretty sure you can get lampshade kits - just add the material of your choice and voila! Looking forward to seeing it all poshy galoshy x Jane

  4. What a bargain! It will look great once its painted!
    The AS paint is quite pricey compared to other paints, but as usually one coat only and no primer/undercoat is needed, it works out not too bad in the end - i've just painted a dresser and it only used half a can of paint!
    Gill xx

  5. If you have a look on the Cath Kidston facebook page they're showing you how to cover a lampshade, hope you find one soon, x

  6. I'm so glad that you finally found one! I'd been on the lookout for ages as both my Mum and K wanted one. I got one at the carboot, and one on ebay on the same weekend so they're both happy now!

  7. Wow, you found a lovely lamp there!
    I picked up a standard lamp from a charity shop for £2.50, they had cut the cord off because of not being able to sell electrics, but I'm hoping I'll be able to figure out how to rewire it or something.

    I'm having a giveaway over on my blog if you would like to take a look :)

    Have a nice weekend.


  8. Think I need a visit into our loft!
    Carol xx

  9. Yep, one of those shades...brill, I love it when the bases are covered in patchwork too, have you seen them? Have a great weekend! :) x

  10. I love those lamps too...I have done one already just needing inspiration for my next one.....from your newest follower...Daisy j

  11. Thanks for popping by and Im so glad I popped back! I think I need to look at my pricing on the standard lamps and shades that I refurbish, but then it is nice to pass a bargain on! {I'll never make Dragons Den}
    Looking forward to seeing what you do...


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