Tuesday, 23 April 2013

~Lavender Sachets~

Just a quick post before The Great British Sewing Bee...If you have a nostalgic fondness for 1970s hankies, and like me you buy them and never use them, you can make them into lavender sachets.  I was inspired to do this by Sally at Poppycock blog, who included a small lavender sachet when I bought a gadget case from her Folksy shop.
I bought my dried lavender from www.jimandjenny.com (seller giftsscotlandtd9) on eBay, 250g for £4.99 with free P&P. What a lovely parcel it was, I can't get enough of the smell of lavender - I nearly put my head in the jiffy bag...
5 x 50g bags for £4.99
It was hard to cut into the hankies, but better than never using them (I think!)
A quick machine stitching, stuffing with lavender, then trimming with pinking shears resulted in these little cuties, which I'll use when parcelling up my eBay sales...
I'm now on with some lavender hearts and pillow, made from vintage fabric and doilies, which I'm selling at a fundraiser this Friday.


  1. Oh they're lovely and such a good idea. We went to Provence last September and wherever you look there's a lavender field and all the markets sell it. So bought bags of it, but when I've run out I'll certainly be looking on eBay.

  2. Hi Sally,
    Did you enjoy sewing bee, I did and nice to see an oldie winning something on the telly.

    You know I nearly cut into one of those hankies you sent me last weekend, but I haven't yet, I thought I'd have a trial run with something on a scraggy bit of fabric first!
    Hey your lavender bags look so pretty, the hankies look like they were made for it, bet they smell fab too.
    Sally xx

  3. I missed the GBSB last night, I didnt finish work til half seven and by the time I had got home I'd forgotten it was on.Iplayer methinks!! I love lavender too Sally and I think thats a brilliant idea for vintage hankies. I dried lots of lavender last year from our garden and have made some hearts for my drawers and wardrobe.

  4. Great idea....better start buying some hankies! :) x

  5. How sweet they are! Brilliant idea!

  6. What a lovely idea and what a treat in an ebay parcel! I love the sewing bee, what will we do on a Tuesday night now? xx

  7. I too love the smell of lavender. I have a big lavender plant right outside my front door so it's the first thing I smell when I arrive home.
    Thank you for your comment on my post. I use your pincushion daily. I treated it to some new pretty pins last week.


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