Saturday, 15 March 2014

~Charity shop finds~

I'm just having a sort out and photographing some things to put on eBay - which makes me think I must get with it and upgrade to a decent phone to take my photos with, as my digital camera is on it's unreliable last legs. I though I'd share a couple of bits I've found lately from charity shops.  I've not been looking in very many in recent weeks as I am trying to simplify my life.  Therefore it follows I must sell some things - the 'one in one out' principle at least!
This lovely pink glass vase was £1.50 from a charity shop in Hornsea

I'm loving the pink china and glass thing at the minute.  I do have some Grindley Petalware cups and saucers already, and I spotted this gorgeous art deco shape Wedgewood Blush Rose jug for £3.50 again in Hornsea

...and finally, this pair of glass candlesticks for £2.75 in Selby British Heart Foundation in Selby
I needed a new pair as I broke one of my others trying to clean candle wax off it.
Have a lovely weekend x


  1. Hi Sally. the rose colour tea pot is just gorgeous in its simplicity and deco style. I haven't found anything that good in the Hornsea Lions on recent visits. Mind how you go cleaning those candlesticks! x

  2. Love the pink jug I can see a bunch of daffs in there when it's not holding milk, x

  3. That pink jug is just gorgeous Sally. Have you noticed how much harder it is now to pick up a CS bargain at a great price? I went in the Help the Aged shop the other day and they wanted £3.99 for a plate. It was nothing special, not antique or anything I just thought it would look nice on a wall but left it for that price.Hope you are okay XX


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