Sunday, 13 April 2014

~New Look 6895 Ta-Da~

Sorry for the delay in finishing my top I started to sew last week here
I get easily distracted with my 'to do' list and have undercoated and glossed the spindles and handrails in the hall and landing as well as making a roman blind for Jack's room. Now I have a stinking head cold just in time for going away for a couple of days!
I had sewing machine issues too, bunching and breaking of thread and noisy sewing...Got my manual out, laid it on it's side and cleared the feed dogs of packed lint with a paperclip, needle change, tension adjustment...Running like a dream now - I felt like a mechanic and very pleased with myself!!
Here is the finished top...

I'm pleased with it though I made this one with the scoopier neck and I actually prefer the higher-neck version.

I left out the gathered sleeve band too and make straight capped sleeves. This photo gives a truer pic of the lovely fabric too...
And to finish off; a vintage button with a handsewn button loop.
It looks lovely with this White Stuff blazer I treated myself to with my Birthday money...
So tomorrow (with my Lemsip and tissues) I will be trotting off with Jack on a road trip to Bath.  As a big Jane Austen fan, or Jane-ite as my English teacher used to say, I am very excited. Not sure my son is, but we will have fun!
See you soon x


  1. Your top looks great - enjoy Bath x

  2. oh i know bath well go and have a bath bun with a sugar lump in it x x love the sewing x will sit down with a nice cuppa later and have a good old nose at your blog x

    1. Thankyou! Will forgo the diet and have a Bath bun (in the interests of research!)

  3. The top is wonderful and the vintage button a great addition. I am envious of your visit to Bath, its a place I have never been but is on my to do list.

  4. It's lovely and well done for getting it finished when you've been feeling so under the weather. Hope you're well enough to enjoy Bath x Jane

  5. Ooh Sally I love it, can I put my order for one in now please????? I love that blazer too, been searching for a nice one myself but not seen anything as nice as that. Hope you have a great time in Bath. Its a beautiful place but it was 30 odd years since I was last there. Take lots of piccies!

  6. That's so pretty. Your neckline and hems are perfection! Enjoy Bath, and make sure to go for afternoon tea!

  7. Very pretty I love your fabric,,clever you
    Thea xx

  8. That's lovely Sally.
    Have a great time in Bath. I haven't been there since 1978 - yikes I feel old!

  9. Great top Sally, hope the nasty cold doesn't spoil your trip away so have a lovely time x

  10. Beautiful top, and a lovely shape. You did a brilliant job.

  11. Lovely top and yes it'll look really good with the jacket. Hope you feel better soon and enjoy Bath, x

  12. Love that pretty. Dotty fabric is my favorite. Enjoy your day out!

  13. Your top looks lovely. A really nice job sweet. :)

    Have a great time in Bath!
    Take care and safe travels. X

  14. Spotty all, the pretty way. A lovely top indeed x

  15. What a gorgeous blouse, love this pattern!
    (p.s.good job with the sewing machine repair!)

  16. Really pretty! I hope that you are feeling better now and that the day in Bath was lovely. Jx


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