Monday, 7 April 2014

~Thrifty Jam Label Kit~

Thrifty tip of the day for all you jammers and preservers...
Kirstie Allsopp has a new preserving and baking range (fingers in every pie it seems) in Lakeland, and this kit, featured in this month's Prima is a hefty £9.99...

From Lakeland see
However, why pay more than 99p, yes 99p? This lovely kit is from Home Bargains (store locator here)

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  1. I saw those kits in HB on the same day as I read the Prima feature about Krusty Allsorts' labels - and I too thought "What a rip-off!!" I suspect there are some people out there with more money than sense. But not those of us who enjoy YOUR blog!! blessings x


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