Friday, 23 May 2014

~Garden peek~

It's raining, thundering and lightening quite heavily here tonight, so I'm glad I took some photos yesterday before all my plants get flattened...I love May and June in the garden before floppage and crispyness occur...
My back garden is a teensy small space as with most newer houses  (I wish housebuilders were forced to include allotment-sized plots) with poor soil and poor drainage, so most plants are in a built up bed at the back. I've been here 8 years now. The backgarden had the ambience of being on a ship's deck when we moved in - all badly-done decking and rope handrails - really awful.
A little look around then...
I love alliums, I had some at the old house too.
 They're planted with a large fatsia, a standard holly, aquilegias, geraniums,
sisyrinchium and euphorbias
I do like the combination of purple and lime green
 This is my secret corner behind the garage...
 This potted clematis is the best it's ever been this year
 I like mirrors in the garden and a few mosaics, tiles and statues...
 ...and old rusty fireplaces with mirrors behind them.
 Cut and come again salad leaves in a sunny spot...
 And my lovely fragranced 'Life Begins at Forty' Rose by the back door...
Then my picnic table (cheap ebay buy 4 years ago) painted willow green along with a metal bench and scrollwork green chair for sitting out in the warmer weather.
I hope you enjoyed that little look at my garden.
See you soon xx


  1. It looks lovely Sally. Completely agree with you about the purples and lime green. I have some alliums in the front garden (postage stamp sized garden btw) and I was interested to see the sisyrinchium striatum, I bought some last week when we went to Hidcote garden. I love how it looks at this time of year too.

  2. Beautiful, the fireplace and mirror is a real delight. You can't beat the lettuce leaves and the sheer satisfaction of growing it yourself. Have a great weekend.

  3. You do have a lovely garden, the fireplace is a great idea. My garden is small too but I am pretty sure I could squeeze a fireplace in.

  4. The rusty fireplace is inspiring, lovely wee garden too.

  5. Oh I love your garden spool pretty xx


  6. Your garden is really pretty and you have the perfect place to sit.

  7. I've loved the tour of your garden and cannot believe it is a small space as there seems so much and has so much interest. I love the terms floppage and crispiness too. The alliums look great and I never thought about growing some salad leaves in a pot!

  8. Your garden looks very pretty. Mine is tiny too and I also like mirrors as they can give the effect of space. I do like your painted picnic table. We've been thinking of painting our two wooden benches a similar colour. What brand did you use? I know many people use Annie Sloan or Farrow and Ball. Have a great (dry) weekend :-))

  9. Your garden is so pretty Sally. I love the alliums, they are stunning, and the clematis and roses are all beautiful too.It all looks so soft and pretty and must be a lovely place to sit out. Great idea to sow salad leaves in containers, my Mum always does too!
    Have a great weekend!
    Gill xx

  10. You have worked wonders in your small garden and made the most of what space you have - I love this time of year in the garden don't you - every day something new to look at.

  11. Your garden looks super, mines lush but a little crushed! :) x

  12. Your garden looks lovely! You have inspired me to paint my picnic bench! Love the idea of a fireplace with a mirror behind it, might have to pop too the salvage yard :)


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