Sunday, 15 June 2014

~1960s Drawers- finished!~

Here are the finished drawers I blogged about last week.
This first photo is the best representation of the actual colour and finish.  I have distressed the edges and the finish is silky smooth. It's worth taking your time to rub down between coats to get a good result.  I love the chalky finish and different colour hues.

I had a trauma picking the handles - bringing loads home to try from Blossom & Walker in York...
...before going back and settling on the turquoise flower embossed ones (£3.99 each)
Here's how I did it;
Rubbed down the drawers to provide a key.
Wiped the surface with a damp cloth.
Painted the legs with 3 coats matt white spray paint.
Coat 1: 'Deep Sung Cream' matt emulsion
Coat 2: Paint mix - I mixed Craig & Rose 1812 'Saxe Blue'  with Wilkinson 'Spearmint' matt emulsion testerpot and added the Molly's Paintbrush chalk additive as per directions.
Coat 3 and 4: as above - rub down with fine glasspaper between coats.
Then when fully dry, distress with glasspaper both fine and coarse to show the base coat.
Coat 6: wax with Colron finishing wax and buff well.
Then I lined the drawers by wallpapering them with this neutral polka dot wallpaper...

They are currently residing in my bedroom and look quite nice with the CK wallpaper; but in my head they are destined for a hallway in a seaside Victorian terrace with stripped floorboards and white walls!
This is the whole thing - do you like the shape? They were originally a dressing table as the back has markings where the mirror was attached.

Thanks for popping by and see you soon x


  1. I love what you have done with them Sally and I have a little green jug that has your name on it that will look fab on there too......!!!

  2. They look wonderful and I absolutely love those handles. Well done x Jane

  3. They look wonderful and I adore those handles. Well done x Jane

  4. They look wonderful and I adore those handles. Well done x Jane

  5. They've turned out lovely, you are a clever bunny! Hope you're well? X

  6. Well done Sally. They look great x

  7. They look amazing! I love how you have lined the drawers and the little handles are the perfect finishing touch. Beautiful.
    Marianne x


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