Thursday, 31 July 2014

~End of July catch-up~

This last couple of weeks have whizzed past settling into the summer hols. I shall be speedy and succinct with a few photos thrown in...
Jack and I visited a PYO farm (Spuds and Berries near Selby see here)  The strawberries are nearly over but I wanted a few for some jam - PYO used to be the economic way to do this but I have to say the price of fruit per kilo was very expensive.  Picking fruit was part of my childhood; living in a Yorkshire village surrounded by PYO strawberry and raspberry fields. I think Jack enjoyed it (not exciting when you are 12) but I enjoyed showing him anyway so maybe it offset the cost a bit!
Nice set up with the strawbs on table tops for accessible picking, and rows of raspberries (a few ready) and blackberries (loads ready). The Farm Shop is nice too though we only bought some Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil

I'm making Chutney, Jam and Pickles as and when I can - the cheapest tomatoes I have found for chutney have been from Aldi.  I save my own tomatoes for eating as they're too tasty to put in chutney.  Looking forward to getting more donated glut fruit and veg from family and friends too.

I have finished my Polka Dot top, from the free Prima pattern I blogged about before.  This one fits much better - I made it a bit longer, adjusted the back darts and added a bit to the side seam.
 The invisible zip for the back cost more than the flipping fabric but never mind. A top for less than a fiver isn't too bad.
Much neater this time around!
I have been crocheting these flowers to make garlands as Christmas presents and also for my cousin's daughter who is visiting from Australia.  Fab way to use up odds and ends of yarn.  The pattern I based them on was from My Rose Valley blog (which is my current favourite blog to sit and read I just love it) and it can be found here
I'm also having a rationalising of cupboards/wardrobes and selling stuff on ebay to make some pennies. Holidays also give me the opportunity to visit different charity shops and have a rummage.  Latest find is this Early's of Witney white cellular single blanket, which was £2 and is like new
No expensive holidays here; just a couple of days away this weekend, and odd days here and there at Filey and Hornsea, with maybe some cheap camping in the Yorkshire Dales thrown in.   I've lots of odd jobs and decorating to do as well as crafty stuff, so I won't be bored -  though I'm sure my life might not be exciting to others it's what needs doing and I can't afford to pay anyone to do it!
See you soon x


  1. Loved the polka dot top and the crochet flowers are a delight. I was surprised how much the fruit had gone up this year at the PYO farms, but then I suppose everything has, I too have great memories from my childhood and taking my own daughters.

  2. Such a shame though, as it will put me off next time! Need to grow my own strawbs again...not much room though! Thanks for the comment x

  3. I'm visiting your blog for the first. I would just like to thank you for your helpful information over on Lazy Daisy Jones blog about the Overlocker. You certainly seem to have many strings to your bow, gardening, cooking, dressmaking and crochet, I look forward to reading your postings. Liz

  4. Hi Sally, the polka dot top looks fab and I can see you are really getting into the crochet now with the cute flowers. Quite agree about PYO not being the cheapest way to do it, it seems our PYO field at Driffield has disappeared the last couple of years and they weren't cheap but they were tasty. I used to love picking as a kid and we used to earn pocket money tomato picking too in the summer hols, happy days!

  5. We love Yorkshire , For a holiday destination i dont think you can beat it , there are so many towns in a short driving distance , we are looking for a cottage to rent for September , ever frugal we are looking for a bargain , you are lucky to be living there xxx


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