Friday, 22 August 2014

~Renovated chairs~

More painting and renovating today.  Two of my chairs were on their last legs :)  They needed replacing before they collapsed.  These 2 lovelies came free from family - good quality solid dining chairs, just very worn and old. Cue me donning my Summer Outfit again - no not a Boden nautical holiday ensemble, but a pair of paint spattered shorts and t-shirt. The season's must-have outfit don't you know!?
Here they are... 

I think they were 'Old Charm' or something similar. I used a coat of primer as they were so dark, then 3 thin coats (so no drips!) of trusty Farrow and Ball eggshell in New White.

The 'drop-in' seat pads were covered in a neutral twill fabric I had already using my staple gun. No sewing required.

I know I've shown this before, but here is my dining area, with furniture acquired relatively cheaply and renovated.


 Green chairs - Ebay, M&S solid quality chairs, 4 for £30. Painted in F&B Cooking Apple Green
Table - Ebay, cost £50 but was a state. I gave it a good sand and painted the legs in F&B
Dresser - gifted from a friend, just needed a few coats of paint
Vintage ceramic chicken - £3 car boot sale

I am also linking to Frugal Queen's room renovation post yesterday. I hope more people feel inspired to re-purpose rather than buy buy buy. I've always tarted thing up because I've had to make do and mend rather than buy new.  However, I like the process too,  and rather than resenting the fact I can't afford expensive painted furniture from Laura Ashley or Barker and Stonehouse, I feel blessed that I can turn my hand to most things.
I'm now off for a shower to scrub the paint splatters off my legs :)


  1. Very impressive, the chairs are wonderful and your room is a real delight.

  2. Brilliant renovation, I much prefer doing up something old, much better made! :) x

  3. The table and chairs are beautiful! I would rather have repurpose than new any time!

  4. Wow i love what you ave done with your table and chairs!

  5. You have done a wonderful job on your furniture Sally. I much prefer old furniture. I renovated a table and chairs for K and A as their Christmas gift last year. I loved them so much I wanted to keep them!

  6. Such a pretty homely room, and the furniture is just perfect,
    Kate x

  7. Great job on the chairs! Your dining room is beautiful. x


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