Thursday, 9 June 2011

~Mid-week treasure & pleasure~

Some people have a penchant for shoes or handbags; it appears my vice is bric-a-brac. I admit it.
I've found that sometimes you spot the best thrifted things if you aren't really looking. I was in a rush this outing but I did well - this week's finds that have made me smile are this ribbed jug with the roses motif that I absolutely love, and the Meakin bowls will be put to one side for my (aspirational) vintage caravan bottom-drawer. The fabrics were blouses, very cheap as that particular thrift shop were about to have a refit and had a sale.  They will go on the patchwork cushion pile of hexagons-in-waiting.
This gorgeous flanelette sheet was only £2.75.  It will be lovely in winter; I have such cosy childhood memories of flanelette sheets, heavy blankets and eiderdowns at my Nana's house.
And to top it all off with a cherry, my July Country Life was waiting on the doormat when I got home. Get the kettle on and the ginger nuts out!

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