Sunday, 24 July 2011

~I must... I must... I must improve my...crochet

I have been following Julie on Little Cotton Rabbits with her recent discovery of crochet and her beautiful one-a-day blanket.  Why, oh why do I have an aversion to learning crochet? I was too busy knitting and sewing as a little girl; I thought crochet was inferior (!) on a par with macrame and Knitting Nancy, so never bothered with it. I was a very fickle child.  The trouble is I feel I've left it too late, and my aversion has now snowballed into crochet-fear.  I found this 1960s instruction manual recently in a Charity Shop for 20p and I MUST make myself have a go this summer...
I want to make granny squares! That's all; nothing too complicated.  My Nana B. made this huge blanket years ago (it's now in my caravan-awaiting stash); it's in lovely quality wool, and I love the black crochet joining the squares.

Any crochet advice greatly appreciated...Once again many thanks for getting in touch; it's really lovely to hear fom you.         x    Lavender Attic

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