Friday, 22 July 2011

~The Finished Article~

I managed to get the thrifted chair transformation finished last night - my first project of the holidays completed!
                                                                        From this...
                                                                          To this...
...using some paint I already had and a piece of hexagonal patchwork using lots of vintage scraps. I'm really pleased with it. I backed the patchwork with lining fabric to withstand a bit of wear and tear.
 I love the colour - F&B Hardwick White; a gorgeous neutral grey/green. The nice thing too is that it will remind me of where I was when I did the patchwork - the Yorkshire coast and Cornwall earlier this summer.


  1. Hi
    Found you through Frugal Queen - you have a fab blog. off to have more of a read . Your chair looks great - I have some patchwork thet needs a purpose. x

  2. Thanks for the lovely mention on your earlier post and for following me. The chair looks fab -my mum and dad had some similar in the very early 70s - the seats were covered in a turquoisey coloured vinyl material - and the table top was a matching colour! Yours is so much more stylish.

  3. Found this through your last post, what a great transformation.


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