Thursday, 21 July 2011

~A treat for a 21st century Land Girl~

I treated myself on the way home from work today. I am lucky to work in York, but my route home takes me past tempting emporiums of lovely things! Sometimes (not often though) I do give in. My treat today was this mug - a must have for me - an enamel 'Dig For Victory' mug by The Thoughtful Gardener. It will be a great keep-my-tea-hot-whilst-camping mug as well as when I'm gardening.
It was from Blossom & Walker; a shop I can highly recommend if you're visiting York and North Yorkshire. It's near Monk Bar on Lord Mayor's Walk. And then afterwards you could cross the road and have lovely tea and cake at Me and Mrs Fisher - though I didn't do that today - I will save that treat til next week!

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