Tuesday, 2 August 2011

~I ♥ Custard Creams~

If you're from the UK you'll be well aware of the divine Custard Cream - two pieces of biscuit with a fondant centre decorated with it's characteristic swirly relief design.  Apparently there was a BBC News poll a few years ago which said it's the.favourite biscuit of our nation. As a child of the 70s, I loved breaking them in half and biting the cream off them, before dunking them in my tea. Still ♥ them as much.
Today we have been to a nearby outlet shopping centre, not very frugal I grant you, but we were on the lookout for school shoes for J. In the M&S outlet there was this biscuit tin in the guise of a giant Custard Cream, and better still it was filled with them!
So, I treated myself, it was £3.99, and also bought a bra and 2 pair of knickers from the clearance rail for £2.98. That I spend more on biscuits than underwear, probably says a lot about me. I'm just on eBay listing some items for sale, and see that these tins, even when empty, are selling in excess of £8.99; can you believe it? Also checked the calorie content of one custard cream, which is apparently 57 kcal. The shocking revelation that (just) 34 would satisfy my daily calorific intake has made me hide them in the pantry.


  1. I was only admiring this tin the other day in my local M&S - i'm now regretting not buying it.

  2. There were lots left at the M&S outlet, sell by date end of August. x


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