Thursday, 4 August 2011

~More Bric-a Brac~

I've just returned from the Yorkshire seaside where I paid an overnight visit (husband and child-free) to my Mum and her friend P, who were both having a stall at a car boot sale here at Strawberry Fields in Bridlington.  I've found lots of treasures there over the years, so couldn't resist a quick jaunt. It fitted in well as J and my husband P were off fishing together all day today. So,last night, we had a nice girly evening in at Mum's seaside caravan and an early start this morning to Strawberry Fields...
Amongst today's treasures is this tea cosy-  I know I can knit, but it's the real-deal of tea cosies!

I also bought a huge white damask tablecloth and 12 napkins for £5, and colourful doilies too numerous to mention...
By 10.30am I was on my way home, but called via Hornsea (as in Hornsea pottery), I can recommend the charity shops there, if you get the chance to visit. I got this black teapot for £1, the fold-up cake stand for £1.50, 6 viners cake forks for £2 and the teacup and saucer for 50p.
...and 4 Woods ware bowls for 80p. Lastly the rose cake plate and 4 side plates for £1.50.
Time for a thrifting rest now methinks. (And some more Ebay listing perhaps to make some room!)


  1. Some fabulous finds.I love the rose plates and the tea cosy. I also love the seaside along the east coast - I used to live in Driffield when I was a child and often go back to visit, making sure I go to Brid and Scarborough for a trip down memory lane.

  2. Have you ever visited the Georgian Tea Rooms in old Brid? 3 floors of independent vintage sellers and outside sheds full of reasonably priced vintage stuff and a nice cup of tea too. I spent every summer from being a tiny tot in Bridlington with my grandparents - love it, I think the seaside is my spiritual home. Have a lovely weekend x

  3. Ooh , no I've never been there. J has 2 weeks off work coming up very soon - I feel a trip coming on! Thanks for telling me about it.


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