Tuesday, 30 August 2011

~A sign for Time for Tea~

If you see this on Saturday at 2pm you are in the right place...I wanted to make a (poor woman's) Poppy Treffry style sign to welcome guests to my first underground tearoom this weekend.  A mild form of over-planning hysteria has now set in, complicated by the back-to-work/school/college frenzy that hits us all on the 1st September.
Anyway I'm quite pleased with it...

Still have some places left for tea and cake on Saturday if you're in the vicinity of Yorkshire.  My menu is listed here on MsMarmiteLover's supperclub website under Time for Tea @ Lavender Attic. Email or Tweet me if you'd like to attend.  Have bought gorgeous cheese for my menu today from Cryer & Stott's Urban Food Hall here. Yum!


  1. The sign is lovely. Good luck for Saturday. I wish we lived nearer- we would be snapping up a place- the menu sounds fab!

  2. How lovely - it's so beautiful. Can't wait for Saturday!!!!


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