Saturday, 3 September 2011

~Time for (afternoon) Tea - 1st event! ~

"Please come in - you're in the right place!"
What an exciting learning curve the last few weeks have been, on the journey to my first underground afternoon tea today.  

Tasty tomatoes fresh from the garden

My 9 guests each had a table gift of a little jar of Plum & Cinnamon Cheese and some 'Love-in-a Mist' flower seeds. My youngest guest was lovely R, at 3 and a half; and guests had travelled from all over Yorkshire - York, Malton, Selby, Leeds and Pontefract.
Yorkshire Tea was very popular, and the ladies liked the China Rose Petal Tea too. Favourite cake of the day was deemed to be either the lemon drizzle (which had homemade lemon curd in the mixture) and these mini Victoria sponges which were filled with cream and my summer fruit jam.

A really enjoyable afternoon, with plenty of chatting (mainly about lovely wool and knitting!) and a good atmosphere. Thankyou to all who attended - looking forward to the next tea on 1st October when the theme will be 'Autumn Harvest'.


  1. So pleased that it went well. The food looks wonderful.

  2. Thanks, honestly it exceeded my expectations - very enjoyable and uplifting...Lots of cake...people said they needed a snooze afterwards!! Drank my own bodyweight in tea too! Hope you're having a good weekend x

  3. Thank you. We both had a wonderful time, your Rose shortbread biscuits evaporated once we got home!


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