Sunday, 21 August 2011

~Sun, sea, sand and CAKE!~

We had a lovely couple of nights camping at the Yorkshire seaside literally on the edge of the coast with this view...
...of Bridlington bay up to Flamborough head; very pretty at night too with twinkly orange lights and the lighthouse light flashing. We enjoyed the night time view with a tin mug of red wine in hand!
I know you're only supposed to take essentials camping; but I sneaked this into the car...

and knitted a tea cosy sat in the glorious sunshine.  I love this vintage magazine knitting pattern. We ate homemade chocolate brownies and endless mugs of tea. We rushed home on Saturday as L was due to work at 10am, and I had a battenburg to make for my very first Clandestine Cake Club attendance that afternoon which had the theme "I Am What I Ate". I last made a battenburg in 1985 and it turned out rather well, I was pleased - here it is, in all it's kitsch almond glory, and you can also read about it here on the CCC website.

What a fantastic phenomenon the Clandestine Cake Club is - it's the idea of Lynn Hill and I highly recommend it if you like meeting new people with a shared enthusiasm for tea and cake! I tried a Geranium leaf tea that Lynn had brought - I drank it without milk and it was delicious and refreshing. Cake Clubs are popping up all over the UK, so check if there's one near you. Here are some of the cakes; all with different meanings and personal nostalgia for their bakers

Today I had to eat yet more cake (such a hardship)  as Emily and her family were hosting a Vintage Tea Party for their chosen charity - more about this later with some photos. I was introduced to, and can heartily recommend Beckleberry's Marbled Chocolate Truffle Torte.


  1. Your battenburg looks far superior to any of those made on The Great British Bake Off! Love the idea of knitting in the sunshine whilst watching the North Sea - cups of tea and brownies as an added bonus. Don't think we are going to get to the east coast this year-the house renovations are soaking up every last penny :(

  2. Thankyou very much - I honestly haven't watched the GBBO, but I will catch it on i-Player. Battenburg is my overriding memory of cake in the 1970s on a Sunday teatime! We camped cheaply (roughed it, definitely not glamping) but it was really great. X Lavender Attic


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