Tuesday, 16 August 2011

~Charity Shop Chairs~

A week or so ago I spotted 4 old chairs in the village charity shop - I think these functional facilitators of sitting are a bit of addiction and soft-spot for us lovers of the preloved. Funnily enough I've recently been reading the self-same thing here , that you can't have too many chairs, a story I empathised with greatly! I left them hidden away in the car for 2 days like a guilty purchase (even though they only cost £4 for them all - too good to miss)  until I had found the opportune time of introducing the new additions to the family to my other half. His concern is always of the ' house-and-garage- are- bursting- at- the -seams-where- will- they-go?' variety.    This is them before a lick of paint...
I really only needed 2 of them as additional seating for my Time for Tea events; so I am selling the others as a renovation project for someone else. I already had the Dulux Barley White Satinwood paint from years ago, and the Globaltex Dotty oilcloth was an old tablecloth, so there was no cost involved. Here they are after a wash, a sanding, some wood glue and tightening of screws, some primer, paint and general sprucing up...
I've been working on the menu for my first event on 3rd September and am just about to list it on my blog.  If you're interested, you can find details of events at mine, and local, national and international underground tea rooms and supperclubs here and via Twitter.

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  1. WOW!! - what an amazing transformation, they look fantastic.


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