Monday, 3 October 2011

~Autumn Harvest~

Is it Autumn? Or Summer? Or Sprautumn? (My primroses are flowering again!) I like things to stick to the rules sometimes, so I am out of kilter with this warm weather. And it makes me grumpy because I don't like being too hot whilst working and commuting. One of my clematis has flowered consistently and confusedly since June; and looks as knackered as I feel at the moment! Have had a sort out in the garden this week and not done too badly considering my plot is tiny. Small vegetables are the order of the day when you've got lots of containers, pots and troughs.
Day off Thursday may involve a bit of chutney making!
Thanks for your lovely comments about my Macmillan tea party, I appreciate your kind words x


  1. You've done well, they look lovely! Let us know how the chutney making goes!


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