Thursday, 27 October 2011

~Betty Hula Review~

I've recently been sent some Betty Hula products to try; namely their Champagne & Spice and Rum & Blackcurrant Shea Butter Moisturising Creams. Betty Hula are a Yorkshire-based company selling a limited range of beauty products handmade using traditional techniques. The finest quality and fairly traded natural ingredients are used, such as shea butter, aloe vera, coconut oil, cocoa butter and Vitamin E. I was interested to try these as I've got quite dry and sensitive skin prone to dermatitis, and some creams actually smart when I use them. Betty Hula recommends that their creams relieve stretch marks, scarring, dry/sensitive skin, combination skin, oily skin and can be used to sooth sunburn.
Both of the moisturising creams come in 200ml tubs for £14.99, as seen above.  I reviewed a smaller sample pot. I loved the retro- 50's- glamour style of the bright packaging and would enjoy seeing it on my bathroom shelf. My teenage daughter also admired the packaging and general style of the Betty Hula website, so I think the products have fairly general appeal. Both creams had strong fragrance on first opening and I was initially dubious, wondering if the fragrance would irritate my skin, and be too overpowering. The Rum & Blackcurrant initially smelled too fruity for me, but once on the skin it mellowed and settled to a lovely buttery and marzipanny fragrance. My favourite was the Champagne & Spice; just up my street fragrance-wise and complimentary to other perfumes I wear. This too mellowed and smelled deliciously buttery on the skin, and gave gorgeous long-lasting fragrance. Consistency was slightly lighter than a body butter.  I applied it to my face, and also to newly-shaved legs - the ultimate test! It was easily absorbed, left no sticky after-feeling and my skin did feel nourished and smooth afterwards.  I would use this product again. The creams are available at Sainsbury's (and online retailers see here) and you can also order direct from Betty Hula, with free P&P for UK orders. They come in 200ml pots for £14.99. Considering the ingredients, it's a comparable price to other quality creams on the market. I'm a frugal lady, but I do like to treat myself, so I would splash out and keep this 'for best'... and hide it from my daughter!

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  1. Hi looks very nice and bet it smells lovely will look out for it.Its nice to treat yourself to some nice smellies, I thought that when my daughter left home and got married I wouldnt have to hide my smellies but now when she goes to the bathroom she always manages to come down smelling like me,wonder how that happens.Lol Love Jill xx


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