Tuesday, 25 October 2011

~Simple pleasures - seaside~

A couple of days in my Mum's caravan at the Yorkshire Coast to blow the cobwebs off - and it was certainly windy enough for that! The Environment Agency had issued a flood alert for the North Sea coast at Bridlington - the waves were huge and fantastic to witness, crashing and booming on the harbour walls.
My simple pleasures of the last 2 days...

Walking on the beach with my family including this little chap...

...although we could have done with goggles when the wind whipped up a desert sandstorm.

...Cobblestone buildings in the Yorkshire Wolds - I love looking at them

...here it's the 14th Century church in Hornsea...
and last but not least...

sitting snug in the caravan under my favourite feather duvet, knitting a pair of lacy wristwarmers accompanied by one of my favourite noises - the sound of the North Sea.


  1. Sounds like a perfect couple of days.
    Your little dog is sooo sweet.

  2. Looks fabulous, though I can't bear to watch the sea when it's rough as I find the power of it terrifying. Oh, how I've missed my trips to the east coast this year.

  3. Thankyou, he is very sweet; but grumpy and high maintenance! I know what you mean about the sea, it is terrifying yet mesmerising. I always think about the bravery of fishermen down the years.


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